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  1. DionDesigns

    New Look

    Setting a unlimited fluid display causes too many issues on extremely wide screens, so I have set a maximum content width of 1800px. Those with screens/windows up to 1920px width will see the standard "fluid" display. Those with wider screens/windows will see increasing amounts of border. The old max content width was 1340px, so I hope the new 1800px max content width is an acceptable compromise.
  2. DionDesigns

    New Look

    I'lll see what I can do to make those larger. This has been fixed...the editor now has a maximum width. Since the web is not designed for 3000px+ wide screens (and probably will never be), I'd suggest that those with such screens open their browser in a window, and then adjust its width to something smaller. I'm not a Mac guy, but on Linux and Windows, the window size/position is remembered, and it will be the same every time the browser is opened. Also, your browser has several settings that can make sites more readable. One such setting is the minimum font size. I'd suggest setting it to 13px for extremely wide screens.
  3. DionDesigns

    New Look

    I changed the font used in posts to something more readable, and those using extremely wide screens will also see a larger font size. If you have any other problems with the new themes, please let us know.
  4. As someone who does a lot of work with board software, I have a good idea of which ones are secure and which ones aren't. The sites in question all use old versions of vBulletin, which are extremely insecure. If you have registered on one of those sites, there is a real possibility that your email address and all other private information your provided has been been harvested and sold. And since old vBulletin versions used weak encryption to store passwords, it's also possible that your password has been decrypted and sold with your other private data. If you want to continue using one of these sites, please delete all private information you entered, change your email address to something disposable, and change your password to something you don't use anywhere else. Or even better, delete your account and find somewhere else to participate.
  5. I have not seen the flashing background since I changed the CSS earlier today to insure only one background color is loaded. If you're still seeing a flash of a different background color, perhaps you need to clear your browser cache. Otherwise I have no ideas.
  6. That's how CSS is supposed to work. The issue (I think) is that the color picker stuff is applied by javascript after the page is rendered. If you're having issues with no colors set, however, then there may be something going on in your browser. Maybe you have too many tabs open, and CSS isn't loaded and rendered quickly enough due to memory/CPU issues?
  7. The colors are stored in cookies that have a prefix starting with ips_fz or fz. If you clear those cookies, you should have what you want. And yes, the theme uses javascript to read the theme color cookies, and then to reset the colors after the page is rendered. That's why you will see a brief flash if you select a background color different than the default.
  8. DionDesigns

    Unread content

    The unread content activity stream should be working now. EDIT: When you go to the Unread Content page, there is an almost-hidden button to the right of the Unread Content title. If you click that button, Unread Content becomes your default stream, and you'll have a link to it in the breadcrumb bar (below the search box and to the left of the Facebook/Twitter icons).
  9. The dark theme is live. At the bottom left of every page a new link named Theme. Click it and select Dark Theme. Enjoy!
  10. A dark theme is on the way. Hopefully in the next day or so. There will be a link at the bottom of the page that will let you switch between the two themes. The dark theme will have the same color picker as the current theme, but half as many colors will be available. However, you will also be able to choose between two colors for the overall background, which is not available in the current theme.
  11. DionDesigns


    Likes have been fully restored from the old site, and your reputation count has been adjusted accordingly.
  12. DionDesigns


    Click the heart icon at the bottom right of every post to like a post, as I just did with your post. That's how reputation is counted. I need to check whether member's like counts were imported from the old site. If they weren't, they will be soon.

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