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  1. r1limited unsure of what you mean by blipping, and clutching in third is great? Probably not the bike though.
  2. Update!!! full akrapovic titanium with modified dB killer, and power commander 5 installed. Content for now. Power is smooth and linear, as it should be.
  3. Here’s my 2016 fz-07 at the moment. Let me know what you think!
  4. Update finally went for a day ride, burned through an entire tank of gas. averaged 41 miles per gallon the bike is dumping fuel, but runs fine. Exhaust and power commander to come.
  5. They are just cheap universal filters from ebay. I used the factory clamps
  6. I don’t have a scale but I’m estimating 2-3lbs.
  7. Living in Los Angeles, stock tuning works with this setup. The sound is awesome, and definitely mid and high end gains. Low end torque is still as great as it was stock. I will be adding an akra full exhaust, and eventually a tune and dyno. For now, extremely happy with this. Also, it’s easy to remove the airbox if you drop the motor a bit. You can leave the bottom rear mount on and just let the motor rest on a jack. Or cut it out as I’ve seen. Please argue elsewhere! Thanks if anyone’s curious, I have removed a ton of stuff. - rear brake fluid bracket - airbox - lower front fairings - radiator side covers - decals I am in the process of making a better placement for the ecu. There’s a big gap behind it and I want to tuck as much as I can
  8. I removed the stock airbox completely and am running two cheap pod filters on the throttle body. After reading mixed reviews, I was worried the stock ecu setup wouldn’t take it well. HOWEVER, I am glad to say it runs great. Much more mid power and sounds beastly.
  9. Hey all! I couldn't find any specific help on this. My 2016 fz-07 went down with 300 miles on it. - Swapped in a used motor with 3600 miles - tomorrow will be installing new stator and cover as new engine came without Mainly just looking for help with initial startup, should I purge the oil? Etc.. Side note, will run open pod filters , stock exhaust for now This site is awesome and can't wait to meet some people to ride with! Thank you!

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