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  1. I should probably remove the front fender before the installation then
  2. I bought spiegler break lines and they arrived today
  3. phanomenal07

    Oil level problems

    Well the guy told me that sometimes it happen and then stop. Im waiting to see if riding it In cooler weather make it stop. I only got to ride my bike in 90+ degree weather this summer and it’s only been happening since it got hot. So if it stops which I hope it does I’ll switch to a different oil next summer
  4. phanomenal07

    How old is to old for tires

    I see. Thanks guys. Now the the question is would you use it on the track. I currently have Michelin pilot power 2 ct on right now that I have road for the last 3500 miles. I don’t know how much better the Q3s are suppose to be then the 2ct. 4year old 0 0mile Q3s vs 3500 mostly highway mile 2ct born this year
  5. phanomenal07

    How old is to old for tires

    Thanks for the input guys. I still don’t know what to do with them. But these tires are brand new. He never used them and kept them in a garage since he got them. So idk.
  6. phanomenal07

    How old is to old for tires

    No they look to be in really good conditions
  7. What do you guys think about using old tires? A friend of mine gave me a set of Dunlop Q3 that are from the 32nd week of 2014. Is that too old?
  8. phanomenal07

    Gear rental for track day

    Sorry guys it rained out that day. But I already register for September 24th so I’ll let you guys know then
  9. phanomenal07

    Oil level problems

    I am currently using amsoil 10w40
  10. phanomenal07

    Oil level problems

    Oh boy. I’ll try that when I get home.
  11. phanomenal07

    Oil level problems

    The oil is dropping to the low line is why I am concern. This has only been happening for the last 2 oil changes
  12. phanomenal07

    Oil level problems

    How do I drain the air box?
  13. phanomenal07

    Oil level problems

    Yeah idk how accurate that is either. He said that is the tolerable rate before having the engine taken apart to find the problem. I think I’m at 12 oz per 1000 mile ish. Seems like a lot to me but he said if I was to bring it to him there wouldn’t be much he could do. He also says it has something to do with the seals that the manufacturer uses. If some can shed some light on this, it would be appreciated
  14. phanomenal07

    Oil level problems

    Ok so I talked to a mechanic today and he said that all 4 stroke engine have a tolerance of 900cc of oil per 1000 miles that the bike is allowed to use. He said it would have to go beyond that to warrant taking the engine apart.
  15. phanomenal07

    Custom Clip-on Adapter

    That would be awesome

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