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  1. phanomenal07

    Complete front end with TWF cartridge kit

    Will you sell just the forks?
  2. Does anyone have pictures of the side scoop/cover. Also does it block any wind at all?
  3. phanomenal07

    Is my chain too tight

    No I was saying when pushing on the chain it measure a tad over 2.2 ish
  4. phanomenal07

    Fz07 stock seat from and rear

    @darrel_w sorry the seat was already sold to @AzRider
  5. phanomenal07

    Is my chain too tight

    Well I’m over 8000 miles on this chain so I do t think it will be stretching anymore. I just adjust it because the dealer that service my bike had it way too tight
  6. phanomenal07

    Is my chain too tight

    Just wanna make sure this is ok. In the picture is the measurement without pushing on it. It might be a tad over the 2.2 inches when pushing on it but not by much.
  7. phanomenal07

    Is my chain too tight

    Ok thanks I decided not to ride it today because I figure it was too tight. I’m going to adjusted when I get home if I can buy a torque wrench. So right now it’s about a 1/4 inch too tight. How bad is that to ride on? Is that significant. Because I did ride it for about 100 miles so far since I left the dealership
  8. phanomenal07

    Upside down dash

    It really sux that I paid them all that money just to come home and try to figure all this out on my own. So far I checked the wheel alignment and it seems to be pretty aligned as far as I can tell. Also the chain seems to be on to tight. But I’m not quite sure. I rode it for quite awhile and the steering seems to be really stiff and I’m not sure if that’s because of my tires or they still had the steering stem too tight. The bike seems to just fall into corners but no play in the handle bar at all. It almost feels like how it felt when I first got my steering damper before it broke in. Ps the guy said “tuning my engine” was part of the service. That doesn’t mean he messed with my ecu and reflash at all right?
  9. phanomenal07

    Where’s the swing arm pivot?

    I believe I found it. After measuring the distance between that and my axle the rear wheel seems to be aligned as far as I can tell.
  10. In the picture is my chain without me pushing down on it. When I push down on the chain the distance between the center of the chain and under the guide rail is just under 2 inches. Is that to tight to ride? Would that hurt my engine.
  11. Is this the swing arm pivot?
  12. phanomenal07

    Upside down dash

    Hey guys so upon further inspection I notice my axle are at different marks on the swing arm. Is this ok or does it mean my back tire wasn’t put on right
  13. phanomenal07

    Upside down dash

    I actually am gonna go to another place to have them double check my tires. I also feel like my chain is too tight but I’m not 100 percent sure
  14. phanomenal07

    Upside down dash

    200 for the 8k service 45 dollar for inspection 380 dollars for tires and install

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