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  1. Pretty comfy for me at at 6'. Feels like I could have an extra inch or two of inseam and be fine.
  2. tavisb

    First track day experience

    NIce. I'd like to try that some time.
  3. I should get one too, now that only one of my bikes has a kicker.
  4. I'd be willing to help mod the T7 forum if you need someone. I'm interested in the bike and would probably be on the forum anyway :).
  5. National Cycle VStream Sport. I like it, it does work well for me.
  6. Got the rest of the bags mounted and put the windscreen back on. This is the setup I'm hoping will work for touring.
  7. Mounted up the SW Motech Blaze saddlebags. Going on a three day camping trip and have it loaded up with gear.
  8. Either one black anodized would be nice. Good work man.
  9. tavisb

    2018 Florida

    Welcome Old Man! How tall are you???
  10. tavisb

    New 2018 - MT07 Rider

  11. tavisb

    Greeting from Croatia - MT 07

    Welcome Igor!
  12. tavisb

    New old guy

  13. tavisb

    Anudder Scoonie

    Welcome! Going to the FZ-07 from dual sport and adventure bikes, I think the reduced suspension travel is what you are feeling. Took me a bit to get used to also.
  14. tavisb

    Harley Street Fighter 975

    I've had a few bikes over the years. None of them made the freeway fun :).

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