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  1. shinyribs

    Hole in tail after tail tidy?

    Elbow grease fixes everything!
  2. shinyribs

    Healtech Speedohealer

    I am happy with the change. The bike never feels underpowered at any speed, it just revs less. I'm seeing roughly +3mpg for my use. Wheelies are smoother- easier to come up and hold them. No complaints aside from the speedo. Your average pull away from a light and get up to speed situation feels MUCH less rushed and busy now. However, I typically shift 1-3-5 when around town. The can still handle shifting 2-5 for ultimately laziness, but it chugs a bit more than I like. 1st gear easily gets you to about 20 mph now revving comfortably. I can tell the bike is not as snappy in certain corners when I'm out hooning, but it's a very slight thing. Nothing a downshift doesn't fix. I won't be going back to stock. I never checked the stock speedo against gps, so I don't know how far off it was to begin with. Right now the speedo reads: 2-3mph slow @25mph 4-5mph slow @45mph 6-7mph slow @65mph I didn't attempt to check any other speeds. Those are the crucial ones for my area, and anything over 65mph I'm speeding anyway. I also just want my odo to log accurately.
  3. shinyribs

    Oil level problems

    These bikes are weird on oil level. When I first got mine is seemed to be using oil pretty bad, then it just stopped. Now it's making oil. Fill it (correctly) to the top line on sight glass, go for a ride, now the level is plumb above the sight glass. I dunno. After 10k miles I just check that it's not empty and roll on.
  4. shinyribs

    Healtech Speedohealer

    Huge face palm for me. I have no idea how I missed that the first time. Thanks, man.
  5. shinyribs

    Healtech Speedohealer

    Great! Thank you! Not that I don't trust you, but for my own curiosity, how did you determine that?
  6. I tried to search the topic before starting a thread, but no luck. I went to Healtech's site to poke around and their distributor link brought me to this site: https://shop.bluemonkeymotorsports.com/Speedohealer-for-Yamaha_p_47.html# I was surprised at the price. I did not think they would be that expensive! Also, if you do go to order one it asks "which harness type". I'm lost there. Anyone fooled with one of these things? My speedo being off is really annoying me, but I don't know what to think about the harness type question.
  7. Would love to see the barndoor-aero panels come as a Rally dressup kit for those who need that style. I think this bike would look tough with a standard enduro style headlight. DR's have nice looking headlight cowls.
  8. no db killer for lightness.... haha Coolant tank cover weighs nothing and actually guards against flying stones since it's right behind the front tire. I'd keep that. Heel guards really do keep your feet out of the chain/swingarm when things get messy. Again they weigh nothing, so I'd keep those. I have a pretty big list of weights for parts I stripped off my bike I can share if curious about certain items. Passenger pegs and frame covers were significant. I ditched the fork covers just because. Their weight is minimal, but I foresee forks rusting behind there without constant cleaning and care. Tail tidy is a win-win, especially the $2-something dollar eBay versions, which are provento be solid. 520 conversion interests me. I'd be curious to know the weight difference,especially with an aluminum sprocket out back. Rotating mass is crucial. My current rear tire weighs 3lbs more than my previous and you can easily feel the power loss.
  9. shinyribs

    NO! Just NO!

    Yamaha's self-riding bike is better! haha It actually travels at race speed vs BMW's little lost puppy dog speed It's not just "in your mind", Dewman...that's a fact.
  10. shinyribs

    Tank bags?

    The only one that comes to mind, as far as guaranteed not to scratch, will be the Givi that mounts with their "tank ring". Really clever system. https://www.revzilla.com/motorcycle/givi-tanklock-bike-specific-flange-yamaha-fz-07-2015-2017 ^ Link for the mounting ring, scroll down for the video on the whole system. If you are open to a bag that attaches over your rear seat, I have a cycleguys tail bag that holds a stupid amount of stuff while being damn near invisible when not in use. They guys on here turned me on to these. But despite cycleguys claims, these bags are not even remotely waterproof.
  11. shinyribs

    How old is to old for tires

    For a track only bike (or even just occasional track use) where I was planning to REALLY push it......fresh rubber all the way.
  12. shinyribs

    How old is to old for tires

    Kept in a garage way from direct sunlight helps keep them in good shape. Don't think I've ever owned a 4 year old tire, but I have bought 2 year old tires that took me another year to wear out. I'd run 'em. You can buy the tools to mount tires yourself for what a shop will charge you to do it one time. They aren't going to explode or crumble on you. Worst thing is the rubber ma be a bit dry and/or hard. If you take off riding and it feels like they slide around- there's your answer. If they handle fine- congrats on the free shoes! Most people ride so little they will often wear the same set of tires for 5 years, even though they were perfectly "new" at time of purchase. No difference.
  13. shinyribs

    Wrapped FZ07

    Thanks for the info on the wrap. I think I'll check in to this. On the frame side covers/ fake frame spars... I just took mine off. Need to tidy up a couple wires, but no big deal. Doesn't look empty without them and they weighed like 1lb each! Dead weight IMO. Taking those parts off for free + a $20ishebay tail tidy and you've got the same weight savings as an aftermarket exhaust! Value! haha If you are local ( shipping 2 ways would probably cost too much) I could powdercoat them for you on the cheap! Could do the pair in gloss or satin black for $20. I've been contemplating blacking out the whole foot control/ heel plate assemblies. On the fence, though. Also, it's not cheap but something you could do yourself easily- Go to a Harley dealership and buy a can of their wrinkle black. The stuff is bullet proof. Honestly, is properly applied, it's probably a good bit stronger than powdercoat. Don't think you can buy it online. I think you have to go in the dealership. Only place I could find it.
  14. shinyribs

    Rear bike stand

    Very happy with the Venom stands. No offense to PItbull, but the extra costs just doesn't make sense.
  15. shinyribs

    Wrapped FZ07

    This is very cool! I'm clueless on this topic. How does the wrapping take place? Can it be peeled off without affecting the stock finish?

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