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  1. rhoderunner

    Norton 650 Twin coming soon

    Not gonna say Im giving up the FZ for this Norton but I better get a second job because I may NEED to buy it.
  2. rhoderunner

    Mistaken Identity

    Wow....just last weekend I was on a ride and went down a road, passed some teenagers who stopped me and asked if that was a Grom. Then asked, where can I get a Grom? I replied,,,uhhh the dealer, or craigslist. Then he asked what it was and how fast it was. I told him then showed him!
  3. rhoderunner

    At a 4 way stop and forgot to downshift beforehand

    late to this but it happens. When it does just let the clutch out a little and push down and it will get into the next gear. It happened on my old Honda twinstar.The first time freaked me out.
  4. Similar story here. I had the KTM Duke 390 because it was a nice small machine that punches above its weight but it was stolen. Now have the FZ 07 and it's a good upgrade.
  5. rhoderunner

    First service

    I just did my first service yesterday at 628 miles. Cost was about $250 labor and parts. I have the checklist but I cannot upload it since it is a PDF. But if anyone wants a checklist for the 600 mile service on a 2016 FZ let me know and I'll email it to you. The jobs was done in MD just south of Baltimore. They said there was a throttle sync but so far doesn't seem much smoother. Rides fine but I thought it would be a little smoother. When I did the first service on my KTM Duke (which involves a checking and tweaking value clearances) it ran significantly better. But I still think it is just a need for more seat time on my new buddy.
  6. rhoderunner

    Electronic alarms

    Haha....yeah but it can be painful to take on and off.
  7. rhoderunner

    Electronic alarms

    I had a KTM Duke 390 Stolen (led me to the FZ so it is ok). Now on the FZ I use a Kyrpto chain teetered to my car trailer hitch, a cover, and a Bully pager alarm. The bully is a ulock dick lock with motion sensor and alarm. Seems to work ok. I may go with a scorpio in the future as i live in the city and worry about my bike more and more!
  8. rhoderunner

    Wife wants an 07

    A little late to this thread but in Mid-August (2017) I scored a Non-ABS 2016 Raven Black for $4999. $5800 OTD. this was in MD. Just south of Baltimore.
  9. I just picked up a left over 2016. I could have gotten a left over 2017 with ABS but it was a $1000 difference due to the year. So i went with the Raven 2016 non-ABS. Now I have had ABS before on a KTM and drum brakes on a Honda Twinstar. The KTM I forced into ABS action a few times to see and it worked great. With my 2016 non ABS I have locked up the back once but that was more due to me being new on the bike. Since then I've sort of gotten used to the brakes....still practice emergency braking frequently. So in the end for $300 yes I would have (even though I hate the red) but for $1000 I did not. So my life is worth exactly $700.
  10. Ha! Good point. Well I got my first mini bike at 8 but then all chappies and mopeds. Then about 7 years ago i got my "official" license and bought a 1980 Honda Twinstar CM 200T. Loved that bike. Road it for about 3 years. In May of this year picked up a KTM Duke 390. Rode that for about 1000 miles then it was stolen. Luckily, I was able to find a discounted FZ07 so decided to get the bike I always wanted. The issue is I live in a city so i figured I would stick with smaller bikes....but then FZ07 is a perfect for the city as well as weekend rides through the twisties! I have a small wind protector coming (not really much of a wind blocker but improves the looks and helps a little. An USB port and hopefully soon a tidy tail. My thoughts are this bike is perfect but I haven't opened her up too much as I am trying to adhere as much as possible to the RPM limit during break-in. I will say the seat is rough but Ive been off a bike for about a month so just need to build up better resistance or get a new seat.

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