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  1. poida

    Removing 02 sensor on stock exhaust?

    Ok, i'm no expert but from my understanding the o2 sensor is basically for the 0-20% throttle position (closed loop). Above 20% throttle the fuel trims are read from the map in the ECU. 0-20% in my case was very lean, see the video, AFR is over ~16. So without the o2 sensor, the flashed ECU will read trim values (based from the dyno tune) for the 0-20% throttle region. You can watch 'TuneBoy' tune my bike on this youtube video, Wayne is basically tuning the 0-20% region:
  2. poida

    Removing 02 sensor on stock exhaust?

    I'm currently running without a o2 sensor. My Ecu was tuned by 'TuneBoy' here in Sydney.
  3. poida

    Bitubo JBH dissected, ridden and rated

    @pattonme probably tricky to service/mod for a normal home mechanic? - since both legs are pressurized? what tools did you end up using?
  4. Works quite well, definitely better than stock.
  5. Long time lurker, so i'll join in on the Aussie party... Town/city: Sydney, NSW Gender ( optional): M Which 07 ( 07 or 07HO): 2015 LAMS ABS (not quite LAMS...) How long have you been riding: 2yrs Type of riding ( feel free to embelish): Street Mods: Akra Ti (modded db killer and akra cat), Wilbers rear shock, Bitubo fork cartridge, US FZ-07 airbox with dna filter & ebay throttle plate, Healtech quickshifter and brakelight pro. Various other bits and bobs too. Ecu tuned by 'TuneBoy' (Yes there's launch control :) Are you happy with the bike?: Yes, even on my full licence, the bike is plenty for my needs! What other bikes do you own: First bike! What other noteworthy bikes have you owned: n/a Do you do your own wrenching?: Yes, everything. Anything else?: yes the pic is from a graveyard :&
  6. poida

    Hearing protection

    I personally use Pinlock earplugs, works good.
  7. poida

    Bitubo JBH dissected, ridden and rated

    I'm not an expert, just a rider from Sydney, Australia and here is my experience with the JBHs... I bought a pair of JBHs from Bellissimoto last yr and rode it for about 4 months. I found it quite harsh/stiff on the street and contacted Bellissimoto about the issue. Paul was helpful and I ended up doing a spring exchange with Bitubo - 0.9 to 0.8 springs. Rider sag is pretty much spot on and it seems acceptable for the street most of the time. There are times it seems harsh/clunky but some of the roads around my city are quite bad. Any roads with multiple potholes can be quite frightening. I would say the OEM fork damper setup is more 'plush' around the streets (just my feeling). But the JBHs do feel better for more aggressive riding - around the national parks, mountains, country side. I'm starting to think perhaps the JBHs are more geared as race suspension? At the moment i'm reading up and learning about suspension. I think i need to look into the settings and play around with it, i also have a Wilbers rear shock i have to setup to sync with the front suspension. I haven't done the bushing replacement yet as i'm waiting for the parts. Perhaps this is causing some clunky feeling with the forks? (bike has 12000km on the clock).
  8. poida

    Mt-07 Akrapovic Catalytic

    The cat slips between the pipe and muffler section. There's no way to visually see it unless you take off the muffler.
  9. poida

    Bitubo JBH dissected, ridden and rated

    Nice work on the dissection and write up. I've got the JBH on my MT-07 so I'll be interested in trying out your kit when it's all finalized.

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