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  1. TheWulf

    2WDW Holiday Sale Available Now!

    Thanks for giving us a holiday discount! Order placed. Now if only the snow could go away...
  2. This is what I meant. If it was all in the initial CSS there would be no delay. With JavaScript, there is a guaranteed delay, no way around it. From what I can tell, the "Light Theme" / "Dark Theme" that is set on the bottom of the page sets the colour the same way the customizer does, so you can never have them "not set". FWIW I'm on a bleeding edge Macbook (2.8Ghz i7) with 16GB of RAM, the latest version of Chrome with no other tabs open. It's just the nature of applying document changes in JavaScript / asynchronously. It's fine if this is how it was designed, but you can never expect it to render the correct colours immediately - there will be a delay regardless of what kind of hardware/software it's on.
  3. That's very impressive work! I used to build digital clusters and infotainment systems on the QNX CAR platform (most of the one's you see on the site / from CES trade shows for the last 5 years were my team's) but never any of the low level integrations with the ECU / CANBUS. I'm constantly thinking of building new ones but lately I've shifted to trying to get a decent HUD to work. It's not easy. I'll definitely follow your project!
  4. Actually the first thing I did was try it in Incognito mode for that reason So funny (sad) story, clearing cookies doesn't help because the forum applies its base theme, then it applies the "Light theme" or "Dark theme". I would've thought the light/dark theme was the actual base theme but no... it gets applied overtop the base theme.
  5. Not really -- perhaps very slightly. I understand it's not obvious to fix the way the forum addons work; they can usually only trigger on JS callbacks which happen after the document is rendered (seems like this is what is happening here). If it's not a core piece of the design that allows you to modify the core CSS files, you're pretty much SOL. TBH I'd be happy just having the same colours that are initially rendered as an option in the colour picker so that it just changes it to the same colour. If it's still not possible then ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  6. Hmm looks like I simply didn't do my research! Seeing as most photos in the revzilla results were shorts, I neglected to click on them and see Standard in the dropdown. CRGs looks great and reviews are pretty good. I'll add them to my shortlist. When it comes to my brakes, I'll gladly pay a bit more to not get a design flaw because some guy in a Chinese factory had a bad day
  7. Can someone recommend a well-built aftermarket adjustable lever that isn't a "shorty" lever? I had a short set on my Ninja and I couldn't fit my all my fingers on them -- not ideal for me. I miss the quality and ease of use of the levers through -- especially the clutch. Any recommendations for full-sized adjustable levers?
  8. Well I probably won't die unless I develop epilepsy, but as a software engineer this makes me cringe. There are several solutions though: - Use the colour preference presets to change the original CSS instead of applying it after the fact - Scrap the colour customizer - Add the correct default colours to the colour picker so we can choose the same colours, in which case we won't see the flash. Hopefully the last solution is a good compromise / not too difficult to do?
  9. When you refresh the page, there's a colour flash when it loads the custom colours. It loads the default theme first and then loads the custom colours about 1.5 seconds later. It's very annoying, and what's worse is that the "default" custom colours aren't even the real default colours so I can't set them to the same thing to avoid the flash :-/
  10. It's a beauty, but $2,000 more than the FZ? I don't think I could be convinced.
  11. I did my Woodcrafts with just the kickstand. Just use a breaker bar and apply leverage at the correct angle, brace the joint on the breaker bar with your other hand, and you should be fine.
  12. Wow, nice work! Looks like a quality piece! Would love to see the cockpit/sketches if you have any.
  13. For sure! I was more curious as to what I should look at buying while I'm there that would avoid import hassles / markups. Man that looks sweet! I already have LED signals so I'm good there!
  14. TheWulf

    Here I is!

    Very cool; welcome! I'll be sure to check you guys out if I'm ever in the area.

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