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  1. qcchopper

    My Cyberpunk '17 FZ-07 (WIP)

    Yeah Blue, not Baby Blue (the link you posted is the right one) and you only need one set for both sides of both wheels. You get 26 strips, you need 24.
  2. qcchopper

    My Cyberpunk '17 FZ-07 (WIP)

    Thanks, I got it from customtaylor33.com. Surely you can get less expensive reflective tape elsewhere but I read that it was the best so I didn't skimp and I am satisfied.
  3. qcchopper

    My Cyberpunk '17 FZ-07 (WIP)

    Thanks for the reply, now the next step will be to make sure people hear me too... EDIT: I forgot to add an Akrapovic Titanium exhaust and ECU flash because I will not get it this year but hopefully next year.
  4. Here's my Cyberpunk FZ-07. I wanted to do something unique with my bike and I wanted high visibility. Mods: * Removed warning stickers on tank. * Yoshimura fender eliminator. * LED blinkers. * Blue aluminum radiator covers. * MZS Racing light blue billet aluminum levers. * Removed passenger pegs and sissy belt. * Removed reflectors. * Blue reflective tape and mohawk spikes from CustomTaylor33. * Black radiator grille. (as soon as I figure a way to install it, as of now I have to choose between the grille and rad covers) In the mail: * Bar-end mirrors. * Vagrant black rear axle lifting spools. * Aluminum radiator fluid reservoir cover. Eventually * Akrapovic Titanium exhaust and get the ECU flashed, hopefully next year. Maybes: * More sticker removals. * Adding more reflective tape strips but I don't want to overdo it. * Wrapping all the black plastic parts around the tank and engine with carbon fiber wrap sheet. Open to suggestions and criticism.
  5. I just bought a 2017 demo bike with 4200 miles from a dealer in Quebec, Canada. VIN number ends with 000328. Added
  6. qcchopper

    2k Miles later, what the FZ07 is not

    I just got my FZ-07 today and rode it to and from work, I didn't feel intimidated much with the bike even though it is the very first time I ride on the street without a riding school instructor as I just got my temp license. I have to say that I had many off-road bikes and a 49cc scooter which I still ride whenever I can't ride because I have nobody to accompany me, which is most of the time. So although I am no pro by any stretch of the imagination, I do have a natural ability for anything on two wheels that not everybody has and to me, the bike just felt right, I didn't think it was that twitchy, in fact I though it was pretty tame. Don't get me wrong, I am not saying the bike is not powerful, it sure is but I thought the acceleration curve was balanced and the bike was responsive but not in a violent way, I feel it has sensible and manageable power output. I am 6 feet tall and 215 pounds and I thought the bike was pretty comfortable when sitting upright, although I have a round and cushy butt so I could probably ride on a plywood board and not find it that uncomfortable. When trying to lean on the bike for a more aggressive position, I really get a feel of how small it is, I could lean just fine on a CB500 in my riding classes but the FZ-07 is not viable for someone my size to lean on IMO, it is awkward and just too short for me to lean on the tank. I don't think I will be riding in this position very much either way but I had to try it and was somewhat disappointed, no biggie but still... Other than that I just love the torque on this baby, I like to ride at low revs and let me tell you that I now understand why I have seen the bike referred to as a "torque monster" a couple of times. So far I love it and I do not regret buying it.
  7. I got my bike today and rode it to work, I was pretty gentle with it, I'll take it smooth for quite a while as I am new to street riding (on a newly obtained temp license, I am obligated to be accompanied by an experienced rider all the time) but I really love it so far, the torque is really something and I like to ride at low revs so I am not disappointed with my first ride, here are some pics:
  8. I just obtained my temporary license! I can drive but accompanied by an experienced rider. I am finalizing the paperwork tomorrow, picking up my baby Tuesday, I am so hyped!
  9. Thanks for the welcome and suggestions, I will add the Cyclops bulb to the OP as I now plan to get one thanks to all the suggestions, seems like I can't go wrong there. I can see myself getting mirrors for sure, handlebars maybe down the line, as for the other stuff I don't think so at least in the short future but probably some kind of small and very unobtrusive bag, I am still looking for a super light rear seat soft bag that will be almost invisible when empty, the problem with all the soft bags I have seen is that they keep their shape so they are still the same size when empty, and I would like a bag that I could leave on permanently that wouldn't cramp my style all the time. Anyone know of such bag, please let me know. The mod I want to do more than anything at this time is to paint the wheels diamond/ice blue. I was quite smitten with the Glacier Blue even though I never thought I'd ever end up with a blue bike, at least on purpose, and the violet/blue with the painted wheels is quite a looker too so I want to go into a similar direction only with a real light, shiny and cold shade of blue, I can see it in my head and I almost drool at the idea. Now the hard question, will I go for powder coating or some sick water transfer print graphics. If anyone can chime in on the price of both options, as well as any other info that a total newbie might not know, please do.
  10. qcchopper

    Glacier blue 17

    Awesome, I just signed the papers for mine, I don't usually like blue very much but this bike is the exception for me, gees, I NEVER thought I'd buy a blue bike but now I want to powder coat the wheels diamond/ice blue.
  11. Yeah I love the color, which is weird cause I never thought I'd go for a blue bike, I am really not big on blue but it is so lively while the red paint is uniform and dull, I liked the black '16 but it is too plain IMO and I hate the neon yellow wheels on the '17 matte gray, as for the '16 blue frame and wheels, it is very nice, and I do plan to have the wheels either water-transfer painted or powder coated diamond blue. As for the bulbs, I am planning to go aftermarket on the headlight and I need to know if it will likely fit. Here's the headlight I'd like: EDIT: Nevermind the headlight, apparently it is total crap...
  12. Google search for me also, and I am glad I found it.
  13. That's good advice, I will probably go aftermarket on the headlight though, something more retro and badass, I really like this one but I don't know how it will perform. I am a bit worried as it is really inexpensive and sold at Wal-Mart so I will check review but this is the look I'd like to go for. EDIT: Nevermind the headlight, apparently it is total crap...
  14. Hi everyone, I just signed up here, and I just signed the papers and gave a down payment on a 2017 FZ-07, I'll get it in around 10 days and I can't wait. I've been lurking on these forums for a week or so and decided I'll join sooner or later and there's nothing like the present. I will get my temporary motorcycle license Tuesday which will allow me to drive it only when accompanied by an experienced rider but I can't wait! From Tuesday to the week after I'll have to ride using my old '83 Suzuki GS400, but I'll be dreaming about my FZ-07 all that time. Here's the bike, sorry for the picture quality: upload photos to internet I have already ordered a Yoshimura Fender Eliminator kit and LED turn signals to have installed on the bike before I pick it up. Other planned mods: -R6 throttle tube. -OES frame sliders. -LED running light strips, mostly for security reasons as I will be riding late often and I live in a very badly lit rural area. -Cyclops H4 headlight bulb, thanks to the many people who suggested it. -Mirrors, I'd like some reasonably sized inverted bar-ends but not the round ones, I'd like a similar shape and size as the [span] [/span]originals but under the handlebar. -Painted wheels, either powder coat or water transfer printing graphics in a super bright and cold diamond/ice blue shade. (so I can stay frosty) -Maybe a bag, if I can find one that doesn't cramp my style, which I can't seem to at this point so I'll keep my backpack for now. QcChopper

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