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  1. noah

    JB8201's FZ

    how did that seat turn out?? thats probably next on my list but idk if I will do that on my own or get someone who can actually do it correctly to do so
  2. noah

    N.C. Newbie Here!

    So far I'm enjoying it, torquey little gal. There's some things they could've done better but aren't there always those things.
  3. noah

    N.C. Newbie Here!

    Nice man. I was riding near Wake Forest on Sunday but I dont think I've seen your bike yet. Yea definately man, it would be awesome to get together. Im in West Raleigh near junction of 440 and 40. Yeah let's set that up, I was going through the Carolina thread, there were quite a few. We should try and get some more, I'll shoot you a PM
  4. noah

    The Official Carolina Chapter!

    Wake Forest here, I'm down for that!
  5. noah

    The Official Carolina Chapter!

    I'm in Wake Forest here!! Would love to do a meet up!
  6. noah

    N.C. Newbie Here!

    Awesome man, I'm in Wake Forest! I've seen a few either 7s or 9s fly by but haven't seen any of them long enough to talk. Hit me up sometime, it would be awesome to have another one to cruise with.
  7. noah

    N.C. Newbie Here!

    Evotech, I had this feeling I was missing something haha and that was it.
  8. Hey everyone, long time lurker so I figured I'd toss up a post in here. Picked up my FZ a few months back and loving it so far. Not my first bike, but my first new bike! Looking forward to getting more great info and help from what seems to be a great bunch of people! 2017 FZ-07 (red ABS) - Full Yoshi - Power Commander - Intergrated tail and flush mount fronts from TST - Fender Eliminator - Shogun Sliders - Puig windscreen - eBay shorties - R6 throttle tube probably forgetting something but that's ok

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