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  1. Let's see it with the flyscreen added if you have it on. I've been interested in this set up for a while now for mine. Curious to see how you like it after using it for a bit. Just curious but what length mounts did you get? Looks like they had 3 different ones available.
  2. Nevermind. Used the phone instead and it worked. Just shows my work location but that's within 10 miles. Close enough.
  3. What's the trick for adding location to the member map? I've made several attempts, entering address etc. in different ways and it won't do anything. I guess I can try using my phone so location info is available from Google. Been trying to add with my work computer but not having any luck. Just sits there after I type in info and hit add location.
  4. michigan400

    Switch KPH to MPH--Help!

    LOL!! Did the exact same thing this weekend when trying to reset the trip ODO after a fill up. Took off, got into 5th and looked down to see 90+ on there. I thought something broke on me until I saw the kph on there. Left button held down will switch it.
  5. I can not remember all the details but I have full coverage with progressive. They have my truck, XR400 and now the FZ. I believe I get a multiple vehicle discount of some kind. I hope I do anyway. I paid in full for the bike when I got it but wanted full coverage for at least the first year. I went ahead and kept it for the second year now also. I pay $111 per month but only make 6 payments, so $666 per year. Michigan / 44 year old / clean as a whistle driving record.
  6. michigan400

    Seat issues

    Bike shorts work well! I used to use them when I did all off road. The FZ seat is a high end luxury sofa compared to some dirt bike seats but sometimes I do wish for a little extra something to help with the numb bum. I can usually go a little over an hour straight before that sets in. Downhill after that so I start making frequent stops.
  7. I love my Honda XR400 but it suffers the same way. Does anything and everything you could want it to do,, just a tick slower and in a more boring way than other bikes. The only good part of that is I'm on the same OEM top end for 15 years now and it only smokes a tiny bit when you first start it. I'm sure the valves need some love,, but probably not much. $250 - $300 and it would run another 15 years with no complaints.
  8. I would hope so!! LOL! Nothing wrong with Honda but that bike is bland as mashed potato's.
  9. I have a pair of Trail Tech 60mm LED's I would love to mount on mine. This is the time of year it's nice to have some extra light if you go for a late evening ride. What brand are the tube mounts you use? Looks like a good location for them.
  10. michigan400

    Harley Street Fighter 975

    LMAO!!! That paints a picture I wish I didn't see!
  11. michigan400


    You probably "could" with quite a bit of wiring effort but IMO the results would be less than desirable. You need some distance between the headlight and signals or it would be like trying to see a candle next to the sun. Just too much overall light from one small area, the signals would be very hard for other drivers to notice. Just my thoughts on it. I think the wrap around strips or bar end signals would be easier to see and waaaaay less hassle to hook up. Good luck! Let us know what you decide to get and post some pics!!!
  12. michigan400

    Harley Street Fighter 975

    My brother has a V-Rod. Porsche designed motor with liquid cooling. It is a strong motor but I can't compare it to any other Harley, it's the only one I ever rode. My opinion on that bike (V-Rod) is it's a nice feeling, strong motor with a ton of torque stuffed into an overweight, uncomfortable dump truck of a bike. And it's ugly. They put the pegs that far forward because their motors are so wide and lumpy you can't sit on them in any kind of proper position for good control and comfort. I can never get him to go riding with me because it hurts his back after like 10 minutes. Harley's are NOT for folks who like to actually ride. They are conversation pcs. and garage decorations only. Shame.
  13. Finished off my rear brake reservoir mount and installed the motodynamic tail tidy.
  14. michigan400

    Riding Game

    Lol! Should still be some on there. The late ones anyway. Seasons about over so it may be like a 80's playboy, "mainly bush" lol!

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