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  1. tumad

    My 2016 MT 07

    License disk...
  2. tumad

    My 2016 MT 07

    South African requirements..
  3. tumad

    Guage cluster relocation

    Hi, The screen was on the bike when I bought it. Start your search here: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Yamaha-MT-07-Sports-Screen-Genuine-Accessory-Smoke-Grey-FZ-07-/291946011869?hash=item43f9569cdd:g:fmgAAOSwe-FU5nSL or http://www.ebay.com/itm/like/291946011869?vectorid=229466&lgeo=1&item=291946011869&rmvSB=true or phone your Yamaha dealer I believe it's actual Yamaha accessory Part number 1WS-F83J0-00
  4. Hi all and thanks for the add. Purchased a 2016 MT 07, very happy and did some mods. Posted those in relevant threads already: Dash relocation Rear seat bag To come: DIY Fender eliminator (just need to take some pics) Custom full exhaust (next week) Many thanks and happy riding
  5. Hi all, after much searching for the ideal seat bag, it dawned upon me that I can recommission my old bag from a Triumph Street Triple. Basically identical footprint to the actual seat and rock solid fitting with 12-15L storage and a rain cover built in. I will re-cover the tattered top and get rid of the embedded logo when my bike goes for it's full custom exhaust next week:
  6. tumad

    Guage cluster relocation

    Here some detailed shots
  7. tumad

    Guage cluster relocation

    HI, I am using the Yamaha screen (it has a Yamaha logo in front so i assume its OEM) The brackets are just 2 strips af ally that I bent bit by bit untill it fitted. The holes are 8mm for all the 6mm bolts so that I can position it correctly. I used the original bolts that held the dash with a 6mm nylock underneat and a washer.
  8. tumad

    Guage cluster relocation

    Hi all. My quick and neat version

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