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  1. I'm 6' 2" with a 36" inseam an 76” arm span. I don't feel cramped on it.
  2. Do you know the correct configuration? If so, you should do a write up to help others prevent the same frustration.
  3. But why did it blow? Might have a nick in a wire on your install.
  4. mick97702

    Wrapped FZ07

    I've seen that in other threads here. Word is the plasti dip holds up well. Easy fix if you do wear through it too
  5. mick97702

    Wrapped FZ07

    Looks good! I had a hard time choosing what color I wanted to do mine in. Went bright for safety reasons in Tucson. Did you wrap it on the the bike?
  6. mick97702

    Painting mesh vents

    Remove them. It was a little bit of work but worth it. I used model spray paint. Not the best angle but you can see they are yellow now. Back ones are red. I plan on putting LED's behind them. Actually I forgot to mention they are the Yamaha upgraded screens. Heavy guage mesh. https://www.shopyamaha.com/product/details/steel-mesh-air-intake-covers?nw=yamaha-motor-company https://www.shopyamaha.com/product/details/steel-mesh-side-covers?b=Search&ls=yamaha-motor-company&dealernumber=
  7. mick97702

    Motor blew up

    Wow. Everybody and their brother has those mods. Are they claiming any of them caused it to grenade?
  8. mick97702

    Motor blew up

    Shift light? Is that a feature on the EU models or a mod? If a Mod, any other mods done?
  9. I feel it's an excellent tail light. Congrats!
  10. mick97702

    New MT owner here!

    Welcome! You'll find a ton of great advice, ideas and tips here. Don't forget to mark the map.
  11. Yep! Totally missed the other mount.
  12. I think that is a cell phone mount?
  13. mick97702

    2018 stock ECU File

    I'd be willing to bet the 2017 stock tune would be close enough, if your talking about a catastrophic failure...

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