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  1. I don't have the biggest riding experience (have been riding only for about a year now), but out of the six bikes I tried up to now, the FZ07 is by far the easiest to steer / counter steer, very little effort to do either one imo. Did you had steering damper on your previous bikes ? Having tried one with those lately, it is indeed a completely different feeling vs not having a steering damper and it takes a good ride or two to get use to it... Otherwise, my best suggestion to you (if you can) would be to try out another FZ07 that you know for sure didn't crash, this way you could easily compare the handling to yours...
  2. . +1! i have front and rear Öhlins on my bike and absolutely love it! It makes a BIG difference! How would you guys describe the main impact for street driving (I'm not doing any track days / racing) with the rear Ohlins ? Among other things, I read it takes care of the "pogo stick effect" ? There are unfortunately a lot of bumpy/crappy roads here (ask anyone who has ridden in Quebec province! ) so having the stock rear suspension almost ejecting my butt off the bike a couple of times is not an option I wanna keep... Just ordered it, but ETA is 8-12 business days... Seems so long, can't wait for it! And barely two months from now, winter is coming... lol Oh, and by the way, my favorite mod (on the "fun" side) up to now is the exhaust change (M4 exhaust), adds a lot to the fun of ridding the 07 imo. But on the practical side of things, I think that rear Ohlins suspension will be my favorite mod... to be confirmed sooner than later I hope...
  3. Yeah, I did at some point consider the Carbon, but was soon out of the equation. Not that I dislike the looks of the M4 (or the Akra Carbon), but I prefer the cleaner look of the Ti that actually goes under the bike instead on the side of it. Also (and this may be a bit far fetched), but thinking about those careless cars that could hit a parked motorcycle... By having a side exhaust, if the bike is hit hard enough to fall down, the engine head could (indirectly) take a hit since the side exhaust would take the hit from the fall, as opposed to having an exhaust that is under the bike, then the exhaust (therefore the engine as well) would be spared in such situation as the frame slider would take the hit instead. Of course this is not the main reason I'm leaning towards the Ti, but is one of the +. And sound-wise (although difficult to judge from videos depending on recording quality), the Akra Carbon sound seems closer to that of the M4, so I'm not sure I would notice that much of a difference between those two... But again, never heard one in person... And like you mentioned, Ti has a lower tone, and my ears are craving those lower tones... But thanks for your input Beemer, much appreciated!
  4. You're saying the Akra Ti is louder ?? I presume this would be without their db-killers ?
  5. That's exactly what I'm trying to find out (hence the title of my post) : Is it the M4 exhaust that sounds like that, or like you said, it's rather our beloved parallel twin that will have that drone sound with any aftermarket exhaust... Of course the best would be to find someone locally who already has an Akra Ti on his/her FZ07 that I could test myself to confirm if it would make a noticeable difference (baffle in) or not vs my M4, but since I'm still looking for that person, figured a post on this subject might be the 2nd best option In the meantime, I think I might give those EP4 a try, surely much less expensive than Akra Ti... Thanks for your input!
  6. Thanks for the suggestion, but I'm actually looking for a sound a little bit quieter than the M4, so drilling more holes or cutting it would actually make it louder, and that thing is already loud enough (baffle out 108db, default baffle in 100db, stage 2 baffle 97db, thanks to ccmike in an other post for those infos). My thing with the M4 is that whether I have no db-k, stage 1 or stage 2 db-k, there is that tone around the 4000-4500 rpm that rattles my eardrum a bit (yeah, I have sensitive eardrums to some tones/frequencies, long story lol ...) But yeah, like you mention, before blowing a $G on another exhaust, I wanna be sure of it, not guess like I did with the M4. Not that I don't like the M4, but looking for something more "comfortable" to my ears. If my visor is fully closed, it's great. But as soon as I have it open, even barely, that tone gets into my ears after a while of riding at same speed/rpm's.
  7. EZrider

    New to riding

    Ok, can answer a few questions since I was in the same situation not long ago. Got my license last year, decided to go for a brand new FZ07 as there was not that much difference used vs new (+ I got 5 year warranty). Out of the 6 bikes that I tried up to now (but not extensively), it is by far the "most fun" and comfortable (meaning also zero back ache) bike to ride, but like jbone said, your build could make quite a difference, but at 5'10'' and 180lbs, you are more than fine for this bike (I'm 6'1'' 175lbs, but with +-35'' inseam, and I wouldn't recommend this bike to someone with a taller inseam, they could feel a bit cramped up leg-wise. I would also say the FZ07 is the most forgiving out of those I tried (2 customs and 4 "naked" bike), as long as you are not to hard on the throttle (because you can if not careful lift the front wheel in 1st, 2nd, and some in 3rd gear). Stock exhaust sounded like a scooter that mated with a weed-eater! lol So yeah, did went for an exhaust change, went with an M4. And as for the debate concerning the "sound visibility", I'm sure an M4 did save at least one life just by being heard, that thing is l-o-u-d!! And like timjh said, 2WDW flash does make a difference (but personnally I wouldn't say a "world" of a difference), and it does especially concerning the engine breaking and throttle response becomes much more linear, you dont have those "flat" rpm range anymore. If you wanna go 100+mph on highways, don't buy an FZ07, it's not meant for that. If you cruise around within speed limits, that bike as plenty of power and torque, is very light (+-400lbs wet) and very agile. But bottom line, do I regret buying my FZ07 as my first bike ? Absolutely not. Do I intend to sell my bike anytime soon ? Absolutely not. Is it a fun bike to ride either in the cities or in the twisties? Hell yeah... Oh, and personally, I think a nice deep sounding exhaust on this bike adds a LOT to the fun of riding it... That parallel twin sound... 8-) Hope it helps you out!
  8. Thanks, but I live in Canada, so with the exchange rate (+ especially the duty fees ;-| ) makes it more expensive than locally (+-1200$ CAD + taxes) Compare to a +- 550$-600$ M4, it's quite a bit more for something that I dont even know if i'll like more or less than my M4! Thanks CarGuy7a, I listened to a couple of videos recorded with an H2N and they sound surprisingly accurate! It seems like the M4 sounds much more like the Akra Carbon according to what I heard on those... And I liked what I heard from the Ti... and that fat tone with the baffle out ! 8-) And yeah, I did saw a few videos with different db killer modding for the Ti, and it seems a pretty good way to try to balance out tone vs loudness.
  9. I currently have the M4 installed (with Q4/stage 2 baffle) and still find it a bit loud on long runs, especially on highways (but I don't ride with earplugs though and would prefer to keep it this way). Also, I prefer a deep or "throaty" tone rather than punchy or "raspy", as the M4 sounds when you open up the throttle. I now know (after getting the M4) that I cannot base my judgement on youtube videos as no microphone can reproduce any exhaust sound accurately and give a good idea of how loud it really is. After reading quite a few reviews, it does seem almost unanimous that the Akrapovic Ti is indeed one of the quietest aftermarket exhaust (baffle in that is), but is also one (if the not most) expensive exhaust for our FZ07's. So if any of you had a chance to hear/ride both in real life, I would really like to hear your opinions! How would you describe the difference regarding the tone ? And if you also heard the Akra Ti baffle out, how would you compare the loudness of it VS the M4 (baffle out and/or in) ? Before spending another 1000$+ on an exhaust , would prefer to have some comments first !

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