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  1. 66 from a SoCal and hoping to be able to one day reply 100! Hey we can dream right.
  2. slideways

    Two Brothers installed

    Jeeze, didn't know my English teacher is a member.
  3. slideways

    Two Brothers installed

    Thought I'd share my initial report on the system I just installed. I looked at just about everything in exhausts and had a bad case of the "I wants" for the Grave's titanium system. In the end money was the deciding factor as is so often the case for us 99%ers. The ti exhaust as beautiful as it is was just too much so I went with Two Brothers. Stainless headers and aluminum can. Installation is easy on the MT/FZ-07 and rookies might consider this a first DIY upgrade project as it's would be unlikely you'd do harm to the bike and the learning experience and satisfaction upon completion will be good. It took me 90min from KSU to wheeling it out of the man cave and back into the garage and this included some cleaning. I must say everything else aside the visceral experience of the motorcycle is greatly connected to the exhaust note. If this exhaust had not added any performance gain I'd still be happy. Forget the weight reduction and it's got to eight pounds minimum by my best guess. The sound, oh the sound! The bark when the throttle is blipped on down shifts, the mini back fires and burbling when decelerating and the almost Harley like note of the 270 degree firing when you get on it, nice! So power gain? All I can offer here is what my butt dyno says and at first being a skeptic I normally contribute performance gains from aftermarket exhausts to the "it's louder" placebo effect. Then two days in with the Two Brothers I punched it hard in second and to my surprise the front end was two feet off the ground without even preloading and releasing the front suspension. In the name of science this experiment has been repeated so often I gotta cool it before I get busted. With the stock system power wheelies were no problem in first but not in second. The butt dyno says there is more power and second gear seems to be confirming this. It is loud even with the most quieting DB killer and if you will be touring earplugs would be recommended. I say loud but with a gentle right wrist coming and going in my condo complex is done without waking or pissing off the neighbors. Had the ECU flashed earlier and will have it reflashed after the holidays. Ask any question please.
  4. slideways

    FZ-07 Daily Commute Build

    Dear r1limited, Haters will hate and express their view based on insufficient information and a misplaced sense of entitlement. I never wanted to be that guy camped out in fast lane at 55mph. I was the guy in the slow lane following a truck or at a minimum moving at the pace of traffic in my lane. I always watched for lane splitters and moved to give them some extra room. My goal was to be a hypermiler without being apparent about it. On the moto the camper in the fast lane just isn't a big deal because the moto can get around them and be on its way without being impeded in any real way. So do I hate that idiot rolling slow and screwing up all the cagers? Nope, I just go around. Life is too short to spend my time pissed about things I have no control over nor can ever change.
  5. slideways

    FZ-07 Daily Commute Build

    (a hyper-miler at heart).... Me to until there's a mutiny and my right hand refuses to obey my brain. Had a 2003 Honda Insight for ten years and 140,000mi. That car taught me the fun in hyper-miling (can mile be a verb?) and my average for the whole time I owned it was 70mpg! The FZ-07 has more hp than the Insight hence the disobedience from the right wrist.
  6. slideways


    Just went to Woodcraft clip-ons and am very happy with this set-up. Is it what I'd recommend? Not at all. I spent many miles thinking about what postional change would suit me best. That's how I ended up choosing the Woodcarft. Spend time diagnosing what you do and don't like about your position with the stock bars and make a decision based on what will work for you. I've been a bicycle fitter for over thirty years so I screw with my moto position until it is dialed for me not what is popular on some forum. 'Nuff said. Is the seatpost on the Lynskey a Moots?
  7. slideways

    Coolest Motorcycle Ever

    For me the coolest motorcycle ever has to be my first, that gateway bike to motorcycle addiction. Hey if it weren't for a Triumph Tiger Cub 50yrs ago I wouldn't be typing this reply.
  8. Of course it's RIDE. AS in: I rode too fast into a reverse camber bend. It's only a flesh wound though...
  9. SoCal has been seeing really hot weather and I have seen 210* but then in California we don't have to come to a complete stop in traffic.
  10. Mine is tucked away under the seat where it is easily retrieved it I want to reprogram. I only see using the demo mode if I was pulled over at the scene of an emergency so for me no need to mount the switch.
  11. Wait, what?! Just got my FZ-07 (my 10th Yamaha if memory serves correctly). I thought the whole turn signal horn button thing was a saftey feature. Kinda like you know annouces your intention to turn. In fact I thought that ABS stood for Audible Blinker System.... Had a 2010 Harley XR1200 and really did not expect to like it as much as I did. In some ways wish it was still in the garage. It was a good commuter, fun at old guy pace in the twisties and got as good mpg as the FZ.
  12. Well we quickly went from mileage to break in procedures and I'm glad for the education and advice. Thanks Markster. I have an Assoc. Degree in auto tech from so long ago we were still milking the dinosaurs directly for gas and my life went down a different road right out of school so I never became a wrench. This said what you say makes sense and I better understand how I will be breaking in my motor now.
  13. There must be a bit of hypermiler in me because I think about my mpg when I'm just using the bike for transportation. When I'm recreating on it I'm less concerned about the mileage and more concerned about running dry in the middle of nowhere because I wasn't paying attention. The FZ-07 is brand new to me so I love having a gas guage and a mpg read out neither of which were on the last bike. My pace right now is very mellow while the engine is being broken in. Short shifts, low throttle openings and keeping the revs under 5000rpm. With this in mind I'm a bit disappointed that the bike seems to struggle to get better than 50mpg. My daily commute which is 95% of my riding is 12mi one way with 9mi being uncrowded freeway where I've been cruising at about 60 to 65mph. For those who read this did your mileage improve as the engine broke in?
  14. slideways

    Need moral support...

    Well, I never expected so many old farts on FZ-07s! Picked mine up just recently and get much advice from concerned friends about an old guy on a sport bike. Sigh.... I was a professional cyclist for several years and to this day ride both push bikes and motor bikes. Never had an hint of health issues nor any significant family history of problems. It was quite a surprise when I had chest pain and quickly found myself in the OR having stints installed. That's first oversize for an artery for you motor heads. Of course the docs prescribed all kinds of meds and being a good patient I followed along and took them all. Well the statins started kicking my ass, apparently rare but I do not tolerate them well. Tried several different types but nothing worked. Statins by the way if they don't agree with you can really make you miserable. I became determined to bring my "numbers" to where they needed to be by doing any and everything I could on my own and see what changes I could produce. That was over ten years ago. I have been adhering to a plant based diet, I dropped weight and kept up the exercise. I am now off the statins and my blood work is good. Lifestyle changes make a big difference for most folks. Think about it the most important medicine you take every day is the food you eat. I am not suggesting you stop taking medications but as others have I do encourage you to make lifestyle changes in your own favor. Good luck.
  15. slideways

    Yet another SoCal owner

    As far as specific location it's Camarillo. Great area with the Santa Monica Mountains in my backyard and Ojai and the infamous Highway 33 near by as well.

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