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  1. Same Here. Ill try when i get home. Dosent look like theres anyone in my area, but ill throw it on there anyways.
  2. Think I've finally decided on the Ermax sport screen. But curious on which site to order it from. Found them on ebay for like 100bucks and $60-70 shipping, is that the going price for these or is there a better website to purchase from.
  3. Is that the clear or the smoked?
  4. Post pics.. Bout to pick up a Ermax also, didn't think of getting it in red. Curious how it looks.
  5. Man Good LookN bike. Appreciate it, they look pretty stream lined. Inwas curious on how the clip ons would affect the Back on long ride. This would probably be a happy medium.
  6. So I've seen alot of different tank mount bags and things for storage. With the Dash panel and bars been fairly cluttered, Has anyone ever heard or seen a tank mounted cellphone holder?
  7. Can you post a pic from the Side. Ive been in the same debate clip ons or the Renthal ultra lows.
  8. persydonkers

    Over Seas Purchases?

    Right! Ive found some pretty cool stuff but most of the details are in different languages. But thanks for the replys . looked into that K-Speed superbike parts and their stuff looks legit and prices arent bad,idk about shipping.
  9. Seen some cool after market stuff looking thru FZ 07 galleries. Any one having any badluck with purchases from thailand,Japan,etc. Found that Windscreen from K-Speed.
  10. persydonkers

    Mirror questions.

    Awesome appreciate it. Smaller than i thought but looks slick.
  11. persydonkers

    Newbie from Atlanta, GA

    Which windscreen do you have on that?

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