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  1. The fz07 can do over 150 miles on 1 tank. I am in perfect shape but I get sore and in need for a quick stop around 120 miles or so so its perfect for me.
  2. aruba1

    Need your advice

    Same here but I would say this post would fit better in the Exhaust or General forum and use you determine a price put in this section which is the FS section.
  3. aruba1

    Front end shaking

    LOL, before. I don't drink and drive or ride ;-)
  4. aruba1

    M4 install problem heads up.

    Glad to see that the problem was not with the M4 but it was with your exhaust. Good job in correcting the issue. How do you like the M4? I am thinking about getting one.
  5. Does anyone have any experience with these exhausts? http://www.ebay.com/itm/Exhaust-Modified-Scooter-Pipe-Slip-On-System-For-Yamaha-FZ-07-MT-07-XSR700-14-17-/272746082827?fits=Make%3AYamaha%7CModel%3AFZ07&hash=item3f80eef20b:g:zhcAAOSw1BlZWdG0&vxp=mtr And how about combining them with these mufflers? http://www.ebay.com/itm/Universal-Exhaust-Pipe-Dual-outlet-Tail-Pipe-For-Motorcycle-Exhaust-System-/122599658087?epid=12003105090&hash=item1c8b825267:g:md0AAOSwEUVZaG9Q&vxp=mtr Or will it be too loud? I have ordered a lot of things out of China and never had a bad experience but it's still a huge risk (in this case $250). Or will I be better off with an M4 Slip-on?
  6. aruba1

    Front end shaking

    No, unfortunately I did not. She rides a lot better and I haven't noticed any shaking. I don't really know why I didn't check the air pressure on the tires but it's a lesson learned. But I love this bike, its very nimble, looks great for a naked bike and its decently fast. I was going to fix it in order to sell and upgrade to a CBR 600 or 1000 and now I just want to keep it. I've been FZ'd.
  7. aruba1

    Front end shaking

    And friend had about 6 heinekens tonight so he will test ride the bike in the am to see if there is any difference.
  8. So next time you coming out of a turn at around 105 mph and the front end is shaking, please be sure to check your tire pressure to rule out it's a zero PSI. Posting for a friend that was on a closed road. And with racing gear of course.
  9. I want to order a set too but I am kinda skeptical about them as you won't get the refund until after China received the items back from you (and you pay shipping), lol. Can you post a pic showing how off the guard is?
  10. still no working lights. I opened the switch and cleaned the contacts. There are no power at the switch. I tried a new signal relay and no long. I do have 12v at the fuse under the seat. What am I overlooking? Is there a fuse for the signals anywhere under the gas tank? This is driving me nuts, lol
  11. I feel like a total fool. When checking the wiring under the back seat I was checking the harness of the left signal and the harness of the number plate (I thought it was the harness for the right turn signal, lol). Now I discovered the correct right signal harness it all checks out. However, I don't have 12V at the relay plug so my relay may be fine. What is the easiest way to test the switch to see if it's bad? How can I test the switch?
  12. aruba1

    Ebay crazy iron crash bars

    There still on ebay, if this is the one being discussed. https://www.ebay.com/sch/i.html?_from=R40&_trksid=m570.l1313&_nkw=MT-07+Motorcycle+Engine+Guard&_sacat=0
  13. Thanks for your reply. I have 12v at the harness connectors under the rear seat which is good. The left side has continuity to the bulb and the light comes on when 12v is applied directly to it (dahhhh, lol). The right side though has no continuity on either wire but the harness (from plug to bulb) look intact. I think I am just going for a ride and use hand signals and deal with it some other time.
  14. Howdy, I have a 2015 FZ-07 that was in a light accident. Now the front and rear turn signals won't come one. I checked the two small fuel boxes by the battery and no blown fuses. Also all the bulbs are intact and they work with direct power. I bypassed the flasher and still no change on the turn signals. The front signal lights are powered with the switch on but they don't blink when the signals are turned on. The back don't come ON at all. I followed the wire harness of the signals and all looks good. Any ideas?

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