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  1. Yes! I love to camp at the buffalo. Me and my son have a track day coming up here soon. After that I'm ready to go to the buffalo river for a week or so
  2. So... is this recommended to open up the airflow? Because I can do this easily.
  3. I have owned many bikes and I seriously think this 2017 fz07 is my all time favorite. I live near tulsa ok, actually about 40 miles west in the Mannford hills. Yesterday, me and my son rode to Arkansas to find the infamous dragon tail. I have been to Arkansas many times on my last bike zx6r but I sold that bike 5 years ago. I bought this fz 07 about two months ago and other than riding into tulsa to work everyday I haven't really got to push the fz. I left the house at 7am and wss riding the dragon by 1130. I rode it several times. Until my arms were hurting from being so tired. And each time feeling more comfortable with the bike. Well yesterday, I pushed it and I pushed it hard. Scraping my peg feelers, even once feeling the ground push my peg. I know our suspension is missing some key adjustments. I will be changing all that out but wow I never felt unstable. This bike was amazing in the hair pen corners and I absolutely rode fast and hard without any problems or cares. I will say I'm glad I got the abs version. I have had both and I can ride either but I do prefer the abs. I truly was amazed how well it rode. I left the dragon at 3 ish and made it home by 730. I rode 750 miles all was pretty much straight. My breaks were few and far between. Only stopping every couple of hours for maybe 10 min. I never could have done that on most other bikes. I now have 4k on my bike. In only two months. Yes I'm not one to leave it in the garage. I'm going to ride the wheels off of it. I wish I would have taken more pics
  4. I agree. I was already thinking of dropping it. I mean I bought the extended warranty on my 2016 z71 for 1600. And thats a 50000 dollar truck. I rode up to the shop today and did cancel the warranty. As easy as signing a paper. Now it will be refunded to my Yamaha credit card. Turns out it was actually 1700... crazy
  5. I purchased my FZ a month ago. The dealer added a 1600.00 extended warranty. I have the option to remove the warranty. The wsrranty states it has a lifetime guarantee on the engine. However that is a huge amount of money. Did anyone else buy this extended warranty?? My fz is 2017 red (abs) version. Had 2 miles on it and I financed 6900 + 1600 warranty on Yamaha credit card. The bike has a 3 year warranty from factory. And supposedly lifetime for the 1600.00 Should I cancel this before it's too late ?
  6. Seems more like it's a defect to me. Is it not under warranty ?
  7. djxn40

    Sena 20s

    Yes ! Got mine last week and I agree
  8. I'm in Oklahoma and I figured I'd give it a shot.
  9. djxn40

    What is this? A leak...

    Love this comment! I could eat things that would make a Billy goat puke so I always test taste an unidentified liquid on my z71 or bike
  10. djxn40

    What is this? A leak...

    It's not coming from the two hoses. I'm guessing from the front sprocket cover?? Why is that. It's a clear liquid btw. No taste or smell. I'll try to get some better pics
  11. djxn40

    What is this? A leak...

    2017 fz07. It's dripping off the kickstand sensor
  12. I can't smell or taste any oder. Yesterday at work was the first time and again today after work I noticed it
  13. djxn40

    2017 rear seat cowl

    I just bought a 2017 ABS model myself and it is red... wondering if you found a matching cowl
  14. if you ride at night.. a reallly good led bulb will help unless you wanna do Hid Hey.. I'm new here. 2nd day of my fz-07. But last night I could not see well. Is this an extensive upgrade over stock? Is it plug and play?

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