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  1. Hi folks, Anyone has the measurement for the stock handlebars? the width, height, rise, sweep number?
  2. Yeah read that too. Need to get the rear sort out first then i need to sell my kidney for the front
  3. Sorry u couldnt work it out man. Im probably trying to to 33 and how it feels. Is there any limit clicks for rebound?
  4. Not being in the know how or anything but yes i felt it.
  5. On my first ride right after swaping the shock it was plush and comfy. I didnt do any preload or rebound for that matters. Next morning on a 35km commute, the shock was way stiff and killing my back! (I run bumps on purpose) Nobody told me about break-in period? Later this evening i get to do the sag measurement and i was on 26mm. Reduce it to 31mm and do some run, feels better, not finish tho. Tmrw going to work will be the real test
  6. So I installed mine just now (it came with the 115 N/mm spring). The setup was a poor mans job, kinda sketchy at first but it came out just fine. Heres how it went down, tilt the bike on its stand (just enough to get the tyre up a few inches) and place a jack stand to hold the right side frame (just under the brake peg), and dont forget to choke underneath the tyre. Shake the bike a bit and pray it holds lol. Before doing it, make sure to clear all the screws/chain guard and loosen up the stock shock bolt. As the bike up and sturdy i was on standby on the left side just in case something gv in. I ask my handy man (brother) to do the shock swap, even had some time to clean the bolt and put some grease on the rear bearings. It was so quick like stealing the thing. It was done less than an hour. Took it for a ride without setting up anything and i already could feel the difference. It was nice! Going to do more test before putting in preload and messing with the rebound. Thanks guys! Here some pictures during the setup :
  7. Ahh. u teasing me man. the shock has arrived. Gonna install it tonight. Whats "R1-R2 6mm R1-R3 30mm" means?
  8. Didn't the put it on papers in the box or something? damn.. i need to keep asking them
  9. Thanks guys, keep it coming.. Ill post more question (ahem.. my problems) once i got the shock and installed it
  10. Bought on Ebay, $60 cheaper than Rev. Same didn't tell me which spring they put.. but say not to worry.. mehh

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