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  1. Yep! I'd go with full lenght if it was my bike and would track it but that ain't the case. The lady wants her bike to match her shoes and handbag if you catch my drift . True that! And I think this was the perfect exemple. Thanks for your input folks.
  2. Just out-of-curiosity, I know some will be able to shed some light into this, the following video shows a Arrow Low system being added to a bike with sound comparison before/after, like so many others... But there is an interinsting section with a dyno comparisio (stock vs Arrow). The arrow is negatively impacting HP, so I wonder if this is a perfect example of running a stock ECU with an after-market exhaust system negatively impacting the performance because of lack of Tune (Flash/remap...) A comparison is available @2.46 (clutch) and @2.57 (wheel). Thnaks for your input
  3. Perhaps.... but the following looks fun I wonder what's his build to achieve cornering like that.
  4. True, that could be an option! So who wants a Canadian friend? Thanks for having taken the time to do this well detailed follow-up as I can understand it is high season for you guys and the shop must be pretty buzy. Cheers,
  5. Just out-of-curiosity, I'd like to hear if anyone from Canada (Québec) as done it? How many days it took and have you had any issues with borders? Cheers,
  6. Cool! We have familly there. My wife is from Beauport.
  7. Are you around Quebec city or further north?
  8. I am on the south shore of Montreal, approximatly 25-30 minutes from downtown. We are 35 minutes from the borders so Vermont and NY states are our playground. Cheers,
  9. To the other FZ/MT-07 owners around Montreal area which exhaust line have you got installed onto your rig? Cheers,
  10. Félicitation Bruno! La madame va vraiment aimer! My GF has the 2018 White/Red and she just dig that little critter. Yes, it's a bummer for parts, We are in the same boat, waiting for manufacturer's and distributors to update their products SKU and models. Puig has a new screen out for the 2018 there but those are not availabe here...just yet. I learned it the hard way. Welcome to the forums. A.
  11. Now thinking about it... Would it make sense that those paddles actualy swivles once inside the rear stand assembly? https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B018IM0ANS/ref=s9_dcacsd_dcoop_bw_c_x_2_w
  12. I think I have a venom rear stand for my other bikes and the current adapters on it are for regular spool. Those adapters are not fully circular, they are half notched. I would like to get the swingarm paddles adapters to lift the MT-07, Would anyone happen to know the part# for the Venom swingarm paddle adapter that are notched? ** Example - Notched like the following adapters: https://www.amazon.com/Venom-Attachments-Motorcycle-Attachment-KapscoMoto/dp/B071NPT3DZ/ref=pd_day0_263_12?_encoding=UTF8&pd_rd_i=B071NPT3DZ&pd_rd_r=5FW93NG4V4BA3JHBPCB6&pd_rd_w=z75cz&pd_rd_wg=BmuYN&psc=1&refRID=5FW93NG4V4BA3JHBPCB6
  13. Added some Yamaha's OEM heated grips for her comfort.
  14. safety

    New White '18 MT-07

    Welcome Freddie, great color pick by the way.
  15. safety

    Future owner

    Yes My girl's bike came with PR4, especially good under rain but let me put it this way, I've done track on PR4. The wind was less noticeable then I would have expected, given the bike has no windscreen. From my understanding Puig's could provide up to 25% of additionnal wind deflection. But I can't tell since I ordered a 2014-2017 screen that did not fit on the 2018 (because headlight was redesigned). That was easy . Oh and it's a fun bike, try to go to a demo day and see for yourself.

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