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  1. Thank you @BlueMule Any idea if they ship to the US? May just have to wait for some ebay knock-offs.
  2. Painted my heel guards and side thingies with spray-on bed liner. Love the way it looks!
  3. This is basically to put a video with sound on youtube with the Devil Exhaust. Bike is untuned. Youtube Link
  4. I'm looking to swap my 100% mint condition, always kept indoors Glacier Blue fairings for someone with black or grey in similar condition. I'm willing to meet anywhere in NC, lower VA or northern SC, or willing to ship. Total swap will be 5 pieces; 2 tank cover, tank center piece and 2 front fender pieces. HMU if interested.
  5. After a lot of internal debate over whether to choose the M4 slip-on vs. the lower-cost alternatives, I decided to give Devil a try. I first contacted their support since I couldn't find any reviews or even pics online of this exhaust installed. The person I had correspondence with at Devil confirmed that indeed this was a new product. I knew this was going to be a gamble, but for less than $100 more than the M4, and without having to hack apart my stock exhaust, I decided to give this a go. Total cost with shipping and tax was $500 even. The exhaust was shipped the same day as the order and arrived in a timely manner. When the box arrived, I was initially perplexed at the box, which was a giant cube. I have experience with installing exhaust systems on many bikes and cars, and had never seen one arrive in such a way before. Upon opening the box, the 2 main pieces of the exhaust were each in a plastic bag, which were put together in another plastic bag. There was no packing separating the 2 pieces, and the large box was loosely packed, allowing the pieces to rub/bang together during shipping. Before I attempted to install, I contacted Devil to let them know, and sent them pics of the dings and dents. They said I could pay to have it sent back and they would refund my money. That was the only option since they were out of stock and couldn't send another. Since I plan on wrapping most of this exhaust anyway, I decided to suck it up and install the exhaust. I've heard of fitment issues with other exhausts, especially at the engine block, and this was no different. Based on other reviews of exhaust systems, this one seemed more "off" than what I have seen online. I honestly wasn't sure if I was going to be able to get this thing to fit on at all. The biggest issue was the exhaust clamps that attach to the head bolts wouldn't line up and fit through the holes provided. Not even a little bit. I had to drill out 1 hole on each clamp large enough to allow me to slide the threaded bolts from the motor through. Once I was able to get this done, the rest was fairly simple, except for the springs that were not even close to fitting the distance between attach points at the top. Pulling on these even broke the spring puller I had. The only one I was able to get attached was the one underneath that hold the 2 parts of the exhaust together. Currently, the spring attach point is touching the bottom of the oil pan, and the muffler is touching the swing arm. I plan on removing the whole thing again this weekend and adjusting everything to hopefully fit better. While I do not have a ECU tune yet, the sound is AMAZING! Very deep and bassy, with no raspiness at all. Once I get over 5k RPMs, I can't hear it at all- it's all wind noise over my helmet. I have no idea how this exhaust compares to the others as I have not had the chance to hear any others in person. A big point of this system is the 2 resonators, where all others only have 1, or none at all. I didn't want anything too loud, and even this is a bit much, but I am very happy with the sound overall. Also, there are no instructions what-so-ever included with the Devil exhaust. Link attached are some pics I took during the install. Note the welds as well, which I find to be less than average. Let me know if you have any questions. https://imgur.com/a/5IY31Ty Link to exhaust: Devil Exhaust
  6. Link It's really deep and loud up to about 5k, then I just hear the same helmet wind noise I did with stock. It's not raspy AT ALL which I'm really excited about. There are some issues I had with the fit, finish and fitment, but it does sound awesome. I have pics and a video that I'll make a separate post about.
  7. Stop eating junk food.
  8. artwood

    Lets Talk Handlebars

    Anyone using drag bars that came from a sport bike? I just ordered a cheap set on Amazon, we'll see how they go. As my last bike was a SS, I know the struggles of distance riding with low bars. However, I only use the FZ for weekend riding and it's not my commuter or anything. I can't imagine the drag bars would be worse than SS clip-ons.
  9. artwood

    The Official Carolina Chapter!

    Anyone in the Triangle have an aftermarket exhaust? I don't care which one, I'd just like to hear one in person so I can get an idea.
  10. I took a cheap cowl, removed the bottom "guts" and my rear fairings, and attached the shell directly to the frame. Needs a tab more finesse to be perfect, but almost there. The tail light is some integrated LED from Amazon. More pics here since this site has a really, really, really low limit on uploads: https://imgur.com/gallery/fJAsVGE
  11. Installed the $50 Ebay "I don't know if I should buy this" cowl, and it fits great! Have to put a bit of force on top of the latch end to get it to close and release, other than that, nice and tight.
  12. I want to wrap my bike and have been contemplating doing it myself, but am a bit hesitant as it would be my first time, and that main fairing seems a bit intimidating. I reached out to 4 local auto-wrap places for quotes, and the first one just came back...$611! What in the holy hell? I'll obviously wait to see what the others say, but if they are anywhere near this, I'll just do it all myself. What kind of quotes are others getting for just wrapping the main fairings (gas tank) and 2 parts of the front fender?

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