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  1. stevebtx12

    2015 Fz-07 with Mods

    Looks good!
  2. stevebtx12

    Current FZ-07

    Loving the Yamaha tire and wheel package I purchased when I bought the bike, I’ve had to get the rear tire replaced twice in 3 months now, and they upgraded me to a Michelin tire. Great service, didn’t cost me a cent (other than the package).
  3. stevebtx12

    Current FZ-07

    Exactly Beemer, I was out riding this morning and remembered I needed something from Lowe's which fit in it perfectly.
  4. Looking good, nice set of additions.
  5. stevebtx12

    Current FZ-07

    New addition, the Fast Pack rear seat bag, very useful and holds quite a bit.
  6. stevebtx12

    Best windscreen?

    I have the Puig Touring and it works well and doesn't look bad.
  7. It warmed up to 55, so I went for about an hour ride, can't wait for warmer weather.
  8. stevebtx12

    Show me your......

    I got the Puig, really like it.
  9. stevebtx12

    Seat I.D.

    From reading this, I ordered the Fast Pack bag and I am very pleased with it, very functional and good quality.
  10. stevebtx12

    Look at my bike!!!!!!

    Nice looking bike, has a lot of the same mods as mine.
  11. stevebtx12

    Is Riding a Motorcycle Dangerous?

    I ride my motorcycle in Dallas, is this dangerous, hell yes. As someone mentioned, I do carry a large life policy on myself, just in case. Will I stop riding, certainly not, I've been a rider for over 20 years. Stay safe all.
  12. Same here, just let us know the details. Thanks Cruisin.
  13. stevebtx12

    Current FZ-07

    Nice looking bike, what exhaust do you have? That's what I'm looking at changing next.
  14. What's wrong with a 60 year old riding scary fast bikes?
  15. I have some interest in this. I already purchased a comfort seat which is better than stock but not great, so I have a stock seat I could send in. Let us know when the details and prices are ironed out.

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