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  1. disappointingtexan

    Rear Racks for 2017 FZ-07

    As an update for whoever may be interested, I ended up going with the Shad rear rack and Shad45 case. Fits two helmets easily. With the backrest, my wife feels a lot more comfortable and secure for our rides into town for concerts and dinners. Fits really well into our two wheel setup. I was going to try to install it myself, but when I started taking out bolts, I noticed that the instructions are *definitely* not updated for the 2017 model (they date to the 2014!) so I just threw up my hands and took it to my shop for the install. I'm am certain someone handier than I would handle it with no issues, but I'm just nervous about fcking up my bike. Took the shop just under 2 hours and I trust their honesty on that. Said it was pretty tricky to get the cuts just right. But all said and done, I'm glad I had them do it. I'm happy to provide more pictures or info if anyone is interested. Shipping from Shad was super quick even at standard rates. From order to riding was no more than a week and a half. It's nice to have a good storage space when I need it and can easily pop it off if I want a sleeker look for day riding. good image hosting
  2. disappointingtexan

    Texas Hill Country Ride

    I ran into a guy on Cow Creek road this weekend who suggested Park Road 4. I can't wait to try it! The heat is really only bad when standing still. Those lights... horrible!
  3. disappointingtexan

    my ginger build

    What was your hp gain from the stickers?
  4. disappointingtexan

    Texas Hill Country Ride

    I did about a 4 hour circuit from Austin down through Wimberley and around Canyon Lake, then back up through Wimberley and Driftwood and back to Austin. Avoiding freeways for FM roads most of the way. Strikingly beautiful. A criminally low number of bikers out there, but it was hot as fk, so I get it. Always looking to ride in my favorite part of the state!
  5. disappointingtexan

    Texas Hill Country Ride

    Hit the hill country today. Ridiculously hot but incredibly beautiful as always. The 07 loves the hills and the curves. I almost feel bad for the cagers and city slickers who may never see this side of my fair state. Stay safe out there!
  6. I threw on a Puig touring windscreen after driving to Houston and back to Austin this weekend without anything but my white knuckles. Sweet baby Jesus I feel like a new man. Or rather, like a majestic Eagle soaring through the southern sky. Or other similes involving butter and hot knives. 11/10, would bolt on again.
  7. disappointingtexan

    2k Miles later, what the FZ07 is not

    That sounds like a great project. I hope you keep a good log (whatever medium) of it! Would be fun to watch.
  8. disappointingtexan

    2k Miles later, what the FZ07 is not

    Newb here too - first proper bike after my Zuma 125. I kinda like the engine breaking too, though I have no basis for comparison at all. Only time I don't like it is when I have a passenger and am trying to go for a super smooth ride. I bought it specifically because I didn't want to have to upgrade, maybe ever, especially since I was finally able to slip this one in with the wife's blessing and such an event may never happen again. I've found it totally controllable with responsible throttle control - it barely needs any roll on at all for in-city riding, but it definitely doesn't freak me out when I wring it in the hill country. As a reference, I have about 1200 miles on it now and am about 5'10" 165 lbs. Totally stock setup with just frame sliders. Anyway, thanks for the long term review @r1limited! I love reading all these perspectives on this bike I'm totally obsessed with. Do you have recommended specific upgrades to fix the problems you list in your review? Would love to add them to my obsessive research list. @c0al67: any info on that kit you're talking about?
  9. disappointingtexan

    Howdy from Austin

    Hey also just check out what's up on Craigslist. Lots of people in the Austin/San Antonio general area selling bikes, especially as it gets hotter this summer. Probably could find an ok deal if you go for buying. Even a few 07s on there.
  10. disappointingtexan

    Hello from Dallas

    Hey fellow Texan! Hope you're able to get out and ride even with our insane heat these days.
  11. disappointingtexan

    Luggage rack vs tail bags

    @rick, do you find that when stuff is on the rack, it blocks drivers' view of your brake lights? Any sudden stops or close in cars as a result behind you?
  12. disappointingtexan

    Torque for Passenger Pegs

    Never mind... looks like someone did it here. In case anyone is looking for this, here's a link: https://fz07.org/thread/3751/yamaha-fz-07-torque-specs
  13. Does anyone know the actual torque requirements for the bolts on the passenger pegs? Installing a rack soon. Is there a listing somewhere of all the body bolts and their torques? Thanks!
  14. disappointingtexan

    Howdy from Austin

    A couple options for bike rentals. This one has good reviews: https://lonestarmotorentals.com. Also Flash Motorbikes is doing scooter rentals now. It's a great little mechanic shop here. http://flashmotorbikes.com Also insurance is wayyy cheaper here compared to my Canadian homies anyway. You need a lot less in guaranteed coverage, so most of the higher cost is pretty optional. I pay about $150 a year for my FZ07 with USAA/Progressive. Up from $77 a year for my Zuma 125 scooter.
  15. disappointingtexan

    Howdy from Austin

    Howdy! Also a new FZ rider from Austin. So let's ride, yeah?

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