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  1. slangklamman

    This explains well

    i don't understand a word of what they are saying haha. i actually owned a 16 mt09 (fz09) previous to my 07 and its a real peppy bike. also had the kawasaki z650 and its just to boring. the z900 ive only have demoed and its a pretty nice bike. gsxs 750 ive also have demoed and its lacking a bit in the power department and is to revvy.
  2. slangklamman

    What other bikes in your Garage?

    a vt600 bobber.
  3. slangklamman

    Don't you just hate it

    crap. glad to see you are farely ok. bikes can be repaired/replaced.
  4. slangklamman

    My 2016 MT 07

    holy crap thats a big plate. where are u from? im from sweden and we have big plates but not that big
  5. i think the fz is perfect for you. i had the mt09 (fz09) but traded "down" to the 07 and it is a really nice bike. also you have a different power range with lowend punch compared to your gixxer
  6. put protaper carmichel bars on! waiting for bar end mirrors and brake/clutch levers from ebay.
  7. also installed a givi tankring for my givi tankbag
  8. adjusted the chain slack! bike has 100 km (60 miles) on the odo yet the chain was totally out of the spec by 2 cm ( almost an inch )
  9. slangklamman

    Ohlins basic kit, everyday effect

    Hi, im a swede to ?? were did you order the kit and how much did it cost?
  10. slangklamman

    new owner from sweden

    hi! picked up a new mt07 and so far im really happy with it. really fun bike! had a mt09 last year and this bike is more fun. installed a acra carbon full exhaust and the sound is amazing. sorry if the spelling is wrong but i get better and better

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