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  1. Inexpensive tail tidy kit from Amazon came with no instructions, but got her done today.
  2. First rear spool sliders I got were defective. Finally got the replacement.
  3. I have a full Yosh exhaust and snorkel delete, commuted on my bike for about 250 miles, then had the downtime to send out my ecu to 2wheeldynoworks. Before my FZ was running pretty lean and backfiring a lot in-between shifting. After the reflash she runs absolutely perfect, I would highly recommend their reflash service. Some people may be afraid to remove the ecu and ship it out to them buts it's so easy. Plenty of YouTube videos on how-to remove the ecu from our bike, and then shipping to them just use a flat rate priority shipping box and bubble wrap your ecu with a note inside of your contact info and mods done. After they reflash they send you a PayPal invoice, once they receive payment they send your ecu back. From when I sent mine out and then sent back to me, it was less than 1 week downtime for me.
  4. Reinstalled the ECU after getting reflash from 2wheeldynoworks. What a difference it makes. I recommend his service to anyone who is on the fence about it. Took her out on a 180 mile trip today. I also removed the Yoshimura decibel suppressor and dropped the screw in between the exhaust pipe and carbon fiber shroud.. it now rattles at idle..
  5. Radiator guard and Shogun frame sliders
  6. Crosbix

    New owner in SoCal

    Nice we could probably meet up sometime. Have you replaced turn signals by chance? Might be the next mod I do.
  7. What signals are these? Easy to install?
  8. Crosbix

    Too soon to install?

    Goes to radiator
  9. Crosbix

    Too soon to install?

    I also posted this pic in the new member section but here she is.
  10. Crosbix

    New owner in SoCal

    Did the exhaust install yesterday.
  11. Crosbix

    New owner in SoCal

    I'm in Temecula and I commute to San Diego for work.
  12. Crosbix

    Too soon to install?

    Well I went ahead with the install today. It was pretty simple, hardest part was tightening the hangar bolts for the Yosh. My god is this way more beautiful and she sounds soooo good now (insert drool here). I'll probably get some pics tomorrow and I'll try and post them as well.
  13. Crosbix

    Too soon to install?

    Haha I much enjoyed all the responses, thanks all. I got some time aside to install tomorrow. I have just over 400 miles now, took my bike on my 120 mile round trip commute to work a few times this week. Quickly racking up the miles.
  14. Still in my 600 mile break-in period and my full Yosh exhaust came in the mail today. Should I be waiting until after the break-in to install or is it safe to do so now?

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