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  1. sdfz

    SC PROJECT exhaust

    thanks, i did i had a map and a general idea where i was... off-roading in the desert is fun but it made me want a dual sport i took the bike out for a couple rides last weekend. the weather was too nice not to
  2. sdfz

    SC PROJECT exhaust

    Thanks, sorry life got busy and I havent been on this forum lately. I purchased it from Motovation Accessories and it was kind of pricey. I picked this exhaust because it was black and looked great. it wasnt that much more VERY LOUD!!! i had the bike flashed and they recommended removing the dbkiller. now i can set of car alarms if i want to. it does have a similar tone to my friends triumph and no longer sounds like a scooter so i do have that going for me. THANKS! xCaldazar is correct, the mounting brackets are from motodemic. i purchased the headlight and bucket off aliexpress and then did a little cutting to make everything work. My friend bought one of the motodemic headlights but i just couldnt pay that much so i went with the knockoff this is the headlight and bucket https://www.aliexpress.com/item/7-Motorcycle-Adaptive-Projector-Daymaker-Headlight-LED-Light-For-Harley/32794482263.html?spm=a2g0s.9042311.0.0.hqf9ZR https://www.aliexpress.com/item/7-Motorcycle-Projector-Daymaker-LED-Light-Bulb-Headlight-Bucket-Assembly/32817680046.html?spm=a2g0s.9042311.0.0.hqf9ZR i did have to take the dremel to the bucket to make it fit. you are correct they do have shorter brackets. I also plan on replacing the brackets and the bucket with their low profile bucket this year. Thanks for all the nice comments and here is the reason i havent been around
  3. It took awhile to arrive but it was worth the wait
  4. Currently I am using the standard bracket but the headlight is mounted to the turn signal mount which is about the same length as the short bracket. I plan on ordering the short brackets to see if they work but I have not done that yet.
  5. i agree with you. i went with a round headlight
  6. This is a 7" light the stock signals would need to be adjusted a little to fit. I went with the new rage 360 turn signals. they are size 41mm. you can see them on the forks if you look closely. they are really bright too.
  7. I always liked Bubba's conversion. I bought the motodemic kit for my bike
  8. swapped out the headlight and front turn signals then went for a ride up the Sunrise Highway.
  9. I really like the look of the xsr700 and might be dumb enough to buy the tank and see what I can do...
  10. sdfz

    another new socal owner

    Thannks for the welcome, I live in San Diego.
  11. installed windscreen, vagabond frame sliders and fender eliminator ordered the brake reservoir relocation kit so i can remove the rear pegs
  12. Hello, my name is Adam. I am new to motorcycles and the FZ07. When I finished the CMSP I went to the dealership and ended up selecting a leftover '16 that was assembled in May of this year. The first 300 miles have been amazing. This bike is a blast. Hello everyone!

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