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  1. Relocated the dash. I used https://www.shapeways.com/product/3L94UZ5AK/yamaha-mt-07-fz-07-dash-relocation Cheap, sturdy, subtle. Amazing not to move your head to look.
  2. Removed passenger pegs. Solo passenger cover. Tank pads. Radiator cover. Under the hood - FlashTune harness.
  3. I have upgraded to FZ after a year with R3. Was a natural step up. The only thing I miss is that on R3 you can redline the thing all day every day and not end up in jail.
  4. Changed out my 2017 Rapid Red north american ABS panels for the armor grey ones.
  5. Picked the '17 ABS this weekend. https://imgur.com/gallery/uEFb3
  6. Hey All. I just picked up the 2017 NA ABS version. I am planning to convert it to the 2016 Armor Grey Hi-Viz look. Looking for the stickers for this. Anyone have the part number (for the stickers?) I hope I don't have to buy the fairings because my plan is to wrap the current red ones. Thanks! EDIT: Or, if someone could tell me the model number for '16 Armor Grey ? FZ07*** ?

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