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  1. Wow, it looks awesome and OEM - thank you!!
  2. Sure, farther away would also be appreciated. Thanks for taking the first one, it looks great! Well done!
  3. Great, thanks for the quick response. Ordering them now!
  4. Perfect, thanks! Did you just transfer the black lower cap and adheasive (there's adheasive under the black cap), or buy new?
  5. I know this thread is a little old, but you're sure these are the black ones?
  6. Would you happen to have any photos of the blacked out stock reflector? I am thinking about doing that as well.
  7. Have you received / installed these yet? I'm ready to pull the trigger on them!
  8. hofstetm

    Akrapovic Titanium 2017

    Key is to be patient. I found PB blaster and heat works. Just let the bike run for a bit. I mangled mine and bought a replacement. I took the small lip around the edge of the baffle off with a sanding disk and now it's easy to remove. Takes me less than 2 minutes to put it in and when it's warm, channel locks and two hits with a hammer it comes out. Now I can be a hooligan with a loud exhaust or a civilized human being. It worked great! Installed/drilled it last night. I understand how it sucks to drill. BUT if there was a screw, there’d be a hole anyway. Just prep. I layered the painters tape to avoid scratches and tapped to start the hole. Then used a 8mm bit and drilled. It went great. A small tug and the baffle came out. Plus, my carbon fiber cover covers the hole. Oh, and loud isn’t the right word for the sound. It’s FAR beyond loud. By a lot. Wow.
  9. hofstetm

    Akrapovic Titanium 2017

    I wondered this as well. Is the remapping needed if the baffle is removed? Anyway, I just unwrapped this exhaust yesterday (USA), and it's definitely welded in. The hole will be covered by the carbon cover, however my worry is reusing the baffle. Guess we'll see tonight.
  10. hofstetm

    Looking to buy Akrapovic Titanium Baffle

    Not sure what yours is like, however the new ones (apparently) have a spot weld which places a hole in the baffle after it's drilled out. It's the only way the baffle can be removed.
  11. hofstetm

    Drilled Akra Ti baffle, awesome

    Was yours one with a screw to remove the baffle, or the spot weld? Opened mine last night to find I have to drill out the spot weld to get the baffle out. SO much for reusing it.
  12. New member/bike, 011025, Wisconsin, USA. Added

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