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  1. Just replaced my chain and sprockets. The front sprocket had the same wear as yours, but my chain guide had no weird wear, just split ends. By the looks of it, it's installed incorrectly or faulty guide ? mine runs straight if seen from the back side.
  2. indeed, as mentioned before, i just use and angle grinder to cut the links. Unfortunately i stripped 3 of the 6 rear sprocket nuts, poor quality nuts ? and i use a easy rif 5 from afam to rivet the master link, works like a charm.
  3. Try shifting without the clutch, when done correctly it causes no harm to the transmission. the FZ doesn't like this on the low side of the rpm's though.
  4. I have a GIVI, imo all these windscreens destroy te look. I just put it on when it's winter!
  5. sniperelite

    Is Riding a Motorcycle Dangerous?

    That's why i said a lot of, not everybody. most of my mates ride +-25mph over the speed limit everywhere, and then they complain about cars cutting them of etc. Everyone will go down one day, only a matter of how hard
  6. sniperelite

    Is Riding a Motorcycle Dangerous?

    Ride with the thought that everyone else on the road tries to kill you. I ride with this in mind and haven't actually encountered a dangerous situtation (i commute daily year round). I think a lot of bikers that get hit by cagers is their own fault. Some guys that got into an accident, that i know, 'think' they are rossi's.
  7. sniperelite

    Taking bike out of storage

    Put some fresh oil in and add some fuel stabilizer in the tank and fill her up now and you'll be fine
  8. sniperelite

    Tank bag suggestions?

    Yes that is condensation and it is wet from the rain. it did come with a raincover, but i don't bother. Been riding trough some heavy rain and it never got wet inside, this photo is taken after a 1hr ride with heavy downpour (gotta love belgium...). Just a quick wipe with some cloth on the inside of the plastic top part is enough.
  9. sniperelite

    Tank bag suggestions?

    Look about the same size indeed. But i'd look around if you can find someone who has this on their mt-07. The 'tankopening' is very close to the instrumentcluster, that's why the OEM tankbag ring is moved forward with those brackets. Maybe it doesn't fit ?
  10. sniperelite

    Tank bag suggestions?

    I have the yamaha OEM tankbags with the tank ring, there are 3 different sizes of tankbags available (in the EU though). I got the 'sport' tankbag and it's about the size of a bread I picked up one with a tankring because i don't trust those with magnetic things and straps are meh. https://ibb.co/fxiDA6 https://ibb.co/h1sJcm https://ibb.co/fh8DA6 https://ibb.co/mKp9iR
  11. sniperelite


    It's the wind noise that's the most interfering factor, at +60mph speeds it's getting difficult to talk to eachother. listening to music is fine even with the standard speakers at those speeds.
  12. sniperelite

    Yamaha OEM Heated Grips Review

    i have the oxford ones, i don't really care about the square controller. It's actually very easy to use with gloves. they are derectly hooked up to the battery and they auto shut off (even too quick if i'm putting on my gear whilst i let them warm up). Best mod i've done!
  13. if it looked more like the concept i would buy it no brainer, but the production one looks a bit boring in my eyes.
  14. sniperelite

    FZ-07 pricing thread

    Your profile picture is my photo, where did you get that ?

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