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  1. Hi all, Does anyone know of an ahooga horn for the FZ 07? I'd love to install a new horn, and it'd be awesome to have an ahooga horn.
  2. mrfat17

    New owner in SoCal

    I haven't, what ones do you want to put on? I am focusing more on gear at this point. I need more commute friendly gear that is easier to put on
  3. mrfat17

    New FZ07-er!

    Here's my baby. I'm thinking of naming her Zuma.
  4. mrfat17

    New owner in SoCal

    @Crosbix I'm in Carlsbad!
  5. Hi all, Do you have a luggage rack with a top case or a strapped on tail bag? Can you tell me the pros and cons? Can you recommend any luggage racks/top cases/tail bags? I'd like to have something that can carry a couple changes of clothes, some water, protein bars, etc. more or less, an overnight bag. Thanks, mrfat17
  6. Hi all, What's the highest quality/price ratio seat cowl for the 2017 FZ 07? Does the seat cowl have any practical purpose? Or is it purely cosmetic? Thanks, mrfat17
  7. @i28 that was beautifully said. I'm actually lolling
  8. Hi all, I have shogun frame sliders that i am about to install. Do I need a rear tire stand to do this? Or does the kickstand + spotter provide enough support? thanks, mrfat17
  9. Do I need to buy a rear tire stand to do this? Or does the kickstand + spotter provide enough support?
  10. mrfat17

    New FZ07-er!

    Hi everyone, I'm the newest member! I traded in my 2016 v star 650 for a 2017 FZ 07, and I'm never looking back. It's so much lighter and faster than a cruiser. Coming from a cruiser, the first thing I got was a windshield. I have the Yamaha windshield, and I'll give a review on it after a couple hundred miles. I'm also going to add frame sliders and bar send sliders. What other accessories do you all recommend? I've heard of radiator grills, coolant tank protectors, etc.. Any links to discussions/previous posts would be great. I'm posting from an iPad so I can't seem to post a picture. I'll do my best to get one up (gotta love bike porn) I'm in Carlsbad so any other local riders, hit me up! Cheers, MrFat17

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