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  1. Where is the link? Part of thread rules is to post an actual link so others can buy it too, please. This jacket has been discontinued for a couple years, so there is no link, sorry I should have mentioned that.
  2. Good thread, the stock mirrors are ugly but function well. If you come across some bikemaster feather tube mirrors I would be interested in seeing how those look and fare. they are roughly 30-40$ but can't find any pictures with them on any fz or naked bikes in general. Tried getting a set that was missing the Harley adaptors off eBay from a seller, used, offered 15$, but didn't bite lol.
  3. Icon spaztyk jersey, full d3o armor, mesh, and zip-off sleeves for squidding ( have not zipped them off, yet).
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    I have this one: http://www.discountramps.com/motocross-ramp/p/AFP-9012/ Its titled motocross, but says it's rated for 750 lb weight limit, and our bikes are just 3 pounds shy of 400. Quality built and the hinge is heavy duty, comes with a strap to secure it to a truck so the ramp does not shift. I use mine for going in and out of the living room, works well by myself, obviously recommend 2 people for loading a truck. Hope this helps.
  5. I also have the MRA screen and it really compliments the lines of the bike. without being too bulky it really does break away the wind enough to ride comfortably on the highways and interstates for long periods of time without getting fatigued. I am 5'9'' and it completely avoids the wind below my helmet (variant) with barely any helmet bobbing, and the screen is also tuckable ( is that a word?) at higher speeds.
  6. +1 for the proton 500, they are rediculously bright, even on a summer afternoon day with no overcast. Have had them on my bike for a couple monts now and the only complaint is that the people I ride with get spots in their eyes when they look at them for more than 2 seconds.
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    Ah, I had to switch to desktop version, this was before the akra, will upload a more recent one when I get a chance.
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    Yes I have invested into earplugs when I had my first super sport, and currently have some surefire ep4's. it's a hard bargain, either listen to the exhaust, or be able to communicate with my fellow riders via SENA intercom, and there is no in between, the drone is too much inside the helmet unfortunately haha. Also, I haven't been on a forum in quite some time, do I need to use a website such as photobucket in order to post pictures? Thanks
  9. Hello, recently installed the Akra ti system on my FZ, and have noticed it has become very sluggish and lost my low end torque, also, I would rather not dangerously lean out. After researching this site on other riders reviews, the DP EJK seems to be the best and cost effective route. The PCV require specific maps and time to download them and use a windows based computer, and flashing may void any warranties and just too confusing to me personally to unlock the ecu and mess with every single setting that I'm still a noob about. The Dobeck seems to keep things simple, and I am not worried about serious track times, just looking to add the correct amount of fuel to avoid damage to the engine. I am curious to know other people's settings on the Dobeck once I receive mine. Stock air filter, will upgrade in future Will remove snorkel later Full akra ti, baffle in, cause ears and hearing are important and stuff Also looking forward to dealing with their superior customer service that has been credited throughout this site as a supporting vendor.
  10. Hello, recently came across this site in search of furthering information on the FZ. Being up north(ish) has it downfalls when it comes to riding, crappy roads due to excessive plow trucks and bidding concrete labor work, winters that seem to last forever, and a summer that comes and goes in a blink of an eye. Definitely try to ride as much as I can before the motorcycle goes into the living room for hibernation. I have a 2016 fz-06, silver with blurple rims/frame. Some mods are: -Full akra titanium, baffle in for now cause I'd like to preserve my hearing(for real) -TST integrated tail light with TST relay -Proton 500 front signals -MRA double bubble windscreen (on/off frequently) -Motodynamic fender eliminater -LED headlight -Cox racing radiator guard, with ghosted fz-07 logo -Pazzo shorty levers, blue -magnetic drain plug --- in the process of ordering a Dobeck EJK controller Looking forward to engaging within this community of FZ07 riders.

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