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  1. He rides the wrong brand(lol), but I follow Clint on Instagram and would be interested to see him ride in person. Thanks for the info!
  2. Got an email last night from The Toy Shop in Arlington Heights announcing that their Bike Night Thursdays are back. Went out to TTS last week and had a great visit. Their new store is missing some amenities, like a fitting room, but they have a pool table and other games. The service was great too, I came in sweating bullets and asked for some water, they didn't have any but an employee took off down the street and was back moments later with a bunch water bottles for me and the other customers present. The gear was also good, went at a time when the stock was pretty low, the day before restock, but I still found what I wanted. Not sure if I can make it tonight but just wanted to post the details in case anybody else is interested.
  3. 2nd is great in the city. The torque is there to pull away from stop signs.
  4. edit:spelling CRG Arrow Bar End Mirrors on RhinoMoto bar end sliders. Both RhinoMoto sliders were chipped, a little disappointing considering the price but overall isn't really noticed because of the beautiful CRG Arrow mirrors. Was skeptical because of the high price, but these bad boys are a worth every penny. Crystal clear and so many positions. Used the automotive plug trick to close out the old mirror holes. Added the Vagabond Motorsports frame sliders. Liked that I didn't have to remove/replace the engine mount bolt, just screwed into the drain bolt. Let's hope I don't need them.
  5. I just bought a 2015 with 18,000 miles that has the rear brake switch issue. So it's not a break in issue. I'll just keep using my front lever too until someone smarter figures out a real solution.
  6. tech199

    Chicago Burbs

    In the next 2 weeks only July 15th does not work for me. Let me know, I'm pretty flexible for the next week too.
  7. tech199

    Pearl White 2015

    @mrpuss How is that ermax undertail treating you? Want to get it in white but the thought of cleaning it has me scared.
  8. tech199

    Chicago Burbs

    I'm on the northwest side of the city. I haven't done much riding in the area so I'm looking for somebody to show me some fun roads.
  9. Just a quick hello. Picked up this beauty yesterday and it performed great on the 2.5 hour drive home. Today it was stripped of all the fairings for a deep clean and inspection. Now that it's all back together time for ride.

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