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  1. So this is the material I got. https://i.ebayimg.com/images/i/253596579950-0-1/s-l1000.jpg Plus some sls-1920 slip stop vinyl that is meant more for dirtbikes. My plan is to make the carbon fiber sides ans slip stop on top. Im going for a seat like this one. What I am not sure about is if I should just stick to black stitching or do silver. http://i1289.photobucket.com/albums/b520/mearspaul/cherribomb0023-Copy_zps22e016d0.jpg
  2. The seat saga continues. I bought some material in both the slip stop and carbon fiber vinyl. My plan is is make my own seat cover. I also purchased a heavy duty sewing machine that is rated for leather and heavy denim. I will post to this thread as I go to do the work.
  3. Just purchased a yard of slip stop vynil. part # SLS-1920. Cost was ~$27. I'm not 100% convinced yet to add the Gel padding as it is expensive ( ~$45 ). I may just add another really thin layer of neoprene to the foam and recover it. I will update this thread as I start the project.
  4. I agree 100% with you. For me its not the comfy aspect of the seat. My chief complaint is sliding upon braking. That what I want to address from getting a new seat cover installed.
  5. Well. Looking ove rmy options I think I am going to buy a gel pad and modify the seat area myself. I have access to a electric hot knife used to cut foam. Then buy some slip - not fabric and do this myself. I t's not all that hard. Just the two back bolt covers have to be sewn but I can take that to a alterations shop around the corner from me that specializes in fixing leather jackets. if they can sew leather then they can sew vinyl.
  6. Yesterday i went to a local upholstery shop about 2 miles from my house. They had a good selection of available material and such. Also had some marine grade non slip vinyl. Inquiring about the cost left me stupified. $190 to re-cover my seat. I just politely said " OK, I gotta ride my bike tomorrow so I can possibly drop it off next week ". I guess I'm going to find another place to take it to or just bite the bullet and buy the seat concepts one.
  7. $169 is to re-do the foam with the gel and foam layers they use. They put the stock seat cover back on.
  8. Found it but their website says $169
  9. Lets face it. The stock seat sucks. I find myself slipping forward on it. Which throws my view of the mirrors off and make me ride uncomfortably. I don;t really want to spend $250 + on a new seat. What alternatives are you guys using?
  10. Did this job. Was easy. Take the shifter link off, take the sprocket cover off, take the engine cover off and swap it over. Didn thave any issues at all. If I can do it you can too.
  11. Thanks guys. Suppose I can just put a rubber band around my pants. I know a good machine shop guy. I will see how feasible it would be to make a cover.
  12. Its happened to me 3 times now. I go to put my leg down when coming to a stop and my pant leg opening somehow gets caught on the stud where the pinch joint is. Anyone know of a cover for it?
  13. Picked up a RK chain locally from someone on Craigslist for $75 still in the box new. Then I got a cheaper chain tool on Amazon for $20. I'm in for less than $100 plus my time. I will grind down the rivets on a link and push them out with the tool as to not stress the tool too much.

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