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  1. @bakamoto has the very best cover photo on his Profile. Great job man! 

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  2. bakamoto

    How To: RSC Lever Install

    Ended up doing this to solve it just so I can still start it in 1st if I feel like. Definitely overkill but it works!
  3. Josh at RSC hooked me up with a lever so I installed that as soon as I could. Thing feels amazing. on to the crash cage, subcage, and sprockets!
  4. Hopefully this help a little!
  5. I agree, I’ll just throw some grease on there until the cable comes in
  6. That’s what I’m probably gonna do. Found a bunch of em for around 20 bucks
  7. OK so i was installing a new clutch lever and as i was taking off my old one, the little plastic piece that was wrapped around the metal nub at the end of the cable broke off. the RSC lever works without it but to make it fit properly I need another plastic spacer piece. Any Ideas?
  8. Little late on her but I gotta say, Josh is a real cool dude that makes quality levers. My buddy had one on his sumo and it was crazy how light the pull was. Got mine coming in the mail right now. For anybody in the future who has questions about install I’ll have a video on it soon.
  9. bakamoto

    Ran over a live rattlesnake today

    A pic from the ride. He rides an old Magna. Thing runs like a champ
  10. bakamoto

    Ran over a live rattlesnake today

    I didn’t return to the scene my buddy lifted his legs and went wide . I think I was laughing because of how stupid I was thinking it was rope. I can’t afford a snake attorney I have too many parts I wanna buy lol
  11. bakamoto

    Ran over a live rattlesnake today

    No:( I was at work about to get off when he stopped by and asked if I wanted to ride. I need to start having the GoPro on at all times
  12. I got off work and went for a ride with my buddy up to Shaver Lake, CA today. Great ride, lots of twisties! On the way up I thought I saw a piece of rope in the middle of the ride and me being an idiot I thought “huh. Why don’t I run that over?” As I got close and it was too late I realized it was a western diamondback. Didn’t even lift my legs I just froze then started laughing for some reason. My buddy said it turned around ready to bite and I guess he went really wide around it. Don’t run over rope kids. It might be a snake. Lesson learned. All in all, if you’re in California and haven’t rode to shaver before, try it. Great views and roads.
  13. Every time I see your bike I drool a little lol
  14. bakamoto

    Help Me Choose a new Exhaust.

    Not gonna lie when I was cutting mine to test if that Chinese clone exhaust worked I did. Just up the street and back. Loud as hell.

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