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  1. nightic

    2018 YAMAHA XSR700

    While I haven't been up close and personal with the XSR900, I have with the FZ-07 and XSR700 and this is not an opinion I would share when considering the latter machine. As fine a machine as the FZ-07 is, it's very plastic-y and toy-like in comparison. The XSR700 is hardly premium itself but the metal tank surrounds and lack of (flimsy) panels gives it a greater feel of solidity and heft.
  2. nightic

    XSR 700

    Cramped on the XSR700 but not on the FZ-07? Sorry, but that sounds odd. I'm about the same height and the FZ-07 feels like a significantly smaller bike than the XSR700. Unless there's a reason that the XSR700 ergonomics aren't compatible with your body, it's a much more suitable machine for above average height riders, imho.
  3. I think 4-5mm per hole looks do-able on these, or alternatively, turning one of the holes in to a slot.
  4. Thanks a lot for that - I appreciate you going to the trouble of taking the measurement. The difference seems small enough to allow the stays to work on the XSR700, with a simple modification of is bracket.
  5. Hi guys, Been lurking here for a while, from Europe, and just had a quick question that I hope someone can help with. I've just taken delivery of a new XSR700 (MT-07 ended up being a bit cramped for me) and am looking at luggage solutions for it. As I'll most likely be going for larger saddlebags of some type (Kreiga Duo-28/36 topping the list at the moment), a support rail will be necessary/advisable. I'm ideally looking for a quick-release type and the one SW-Motech supply with their 'Blaze' saddelbags looks ideal. (This part is also offered seperately as an official Yamaha MT-07 accessory: 'Soft Side Bags Stays' - P/N: 1WS-FSSBS-00-00.) I was therefore wondering if a kind FZ-07/MT-07 owner out there could let me know the hole spacing of the pillion footpeg mounts (as per the image below), as although I believe that it's different from that of the XSR700, I'd like to see if the modification would be minor/invisible enough for me to attempt. (Incidentally, the hole spacing on the XSR700, from centre to centre, is ~92.5mm.) Thanks!

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