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  1. roosterxp

    Highway Pegs? Here is my thought..

    What did you end up doing for your Highway pegs? I don't ride this thing crazy, i just cruise and my GF rides her Honda and we definitely don't go fast!!
  2. I have been looking up and down, here and there and I can not find a thing for any kind of highway pegs for the FZ07. I thought of just adding Frame Sliders and using them to put my feet on during a longer ride but I'm 6' and that seems like it wont be comfortable at all..The only thing i could remotely find are these sliders from Puig: http://www.ebay.com/itm/PUIG-Pro-Frame-Sliders-7074N-/272798806090?fits=Model%3AFZ07&epid=214662781&hash=item3f8413704a:g:XqoAAOSwZ5JZi8l1&vxp=mtr Pic for reference: https://www.solomotoparts.com/Puig-Pro-Frame-Sliders-No-Cut-for-FZ-07-14/ So here is my idea: Install this-https://higdonion.com/products/fz07-protection-cage-and-skid-plate then add this to the cage-http://www.ebay.com/itm/Black-1-1-4-32mm-Crash-Bar-Highway-Foot-Pegs-Rest-For-Harley-Touring-Motorcycle-/152413703495 I really enjoy this bike, however sitting in one position for a long time tends to make my butt fall asleep or just make a flat spot.. haha.. just by moving my feet forward i am able to change the way my keister sits in the saddle.. ( i put my feet up on top of the frame holes during a ride) I feel like i could ride a lot longer and not have to to take so many frequent breaks. Opinions? Ideas?
  3. roosterxp

    What gas do you use?

    I strictly run 91+ Non-oxygenated (ethanol free) fuel here in South MN. My bike seems to enjoy that grade and for the extra $.75 per tank to fuel it.. I have heard too many horror stories about running the 87 with ethanol.. but just my opinion.
  4. roosterxp

    Akrapovik Carbon Fiber first impressions.

    So.. I took her for a 80 mile ride yesterday. It is actually not that loud while riding until you really open the throttle. Hear more wind noise that exhaust when cruising. I feel that the engine revs a little easier too, if that makes sense. I plan on a high flow intake a d an ecu reflash then I'm prob done with upgrades for a while...unless I find a turbo.. jk. This is a great exhaust. My buddy that rode with me- when we first took off riding he said the exhaust is too loud. By the end of 80 miles he said that it sounds awesome and he wants to get something for his bike! He is also concerned about people not being able to see him on his motorcycle, other drivers and such, he thought having a louder exhaust may help? Sure, why not!
  5. well got it all installed. The manifold flanges seem to sick out a lot but are tight. I ended up stripping out the clip for the loop pipe hanger, not a big deal just replace with nut and bolt. When i first started it. What a sound. at an idle you hear WOOB WOOB WOOB, a deep mellow noticeable tone. i took it for a 2 mile spin.. It is without a doubt louder, just like a car/truck with dual exhaust: the more throttle you give it the louder it is.. if you are easy on it, it has a nice tone but hammer the throttle and it really barks. I cruised for a bit at 60 in 6th gear. Cant even hear it until you give it some throttle. Im taking it for a good spin on Thursday. I will report back with my full opinion. Remember guys, this is my opinion!! keep the rubber side down!!
  6. roosterxp

    Looking for better sounding exhaust

    You guys make some good points.. I think I'm going to go with the akrapovic carbon/carbon exhaust. Maybe a fueler upgrade later. Thanks guys!
  7. I have been watching YouTube and stuff looking for a different exhaust for my bike. Some guys are needing ear plugs after install of new exhaust... Way too loud for me... Im looking for exhaust with a little more aggressive sound that is louder than stock but not too loud. Whether it be a slip on or full exhaust. Also if it needs to be full on exhaust is it mandatory to get a fuel programmer? Im not looking for much HP gain just a little better sound.
  8. I have a Bell Revolver helmet, I really like it and am putting a SENA communicator in it.. however I get a ton of wind noise in it.. While im riding if i shrug my shoulders up to my helmet it really quiets it down.. what can i do to best cut the wind noise and be able to hear my speakers and stuff...?
  9. Guys after a while 40+ miles on my bike i notice that my pinky finger on my right hand starts to tingle.. then my ring finger.. eventually all my finger start to fall asleep. I am not gripping the bar hard and there isnt much vibration.. (left hand does just fine.) I have to let off the throttle and dangle my hand, shake it then im good for a bit but this keeps happening.. any one else experience this? Could it be just that it is a new bike and my body is getting used to it?
  10. roosterxp

    Jerky shifting

    I was the same way about the shifting.. I drive semi Trucks for a living and when you shift between gears there is a pause so the RPMS can go down to catch the next gear.. well it took my brain about 100 miles to reprogram and shift faster.. 2 cylinder motorcycle engines rev just a tick faster than a diesel semi... haha long story short I have learned that these bikes like to be shifted quick..not necessarily accelerating as fast as it can, about as fast as you can grab the cluch, foot shift, then release the clutch..
  11. Hey guys, Im loving my FZ07, 180mi on the odometer and loving every mile! I do have a question: Do your guys' bikes kinda feel like an on/off switch when you're on and off the throttle? My engine braking is huge.. if i let off the throttle in any gear it slows down HARD! If im downshifting and going from 3rd to 2nd my rear wheel chirps! Im between 4000-6000 rpms. Is there any way to turn down the engine braking?
  12. I just got a smoking deal on new a 16 FZ07. I took it for a good ride today, 120mi, and I have to say I am blown away by how much grunt that 700 engine has.. I thought for sure that you would have to wind on it to get it to go but its just the opposite! I am still in the break-in stage and don't want to break anything so I have been babying it pretty nicely. My only grip is the lack of storage and the seat. Other than that its an animal!! I have been riding harleys and goldwings a lot. Although very comfortable and BIG, they just don't compare to the 07. I plan to ride this thing till the wheels fall off.. not literally of course...

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