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  1. chiburbia

    %15 off!

    Any idea if the trail cage fits over two bros?
  2. chiburbia

    Give away!

    Was the winner posted anywhere?
  3. chiburbia

    Give away!

    Blurple cage and skid plate
  4. chiburbia

    High speed RPM's

    Thanks for the reassurance and the suggestion, I'll take a look when I get a chance and see what the tooth count is.
  5. chiburbia

    Gas mileage doesn't seem right?

    12 is horrendous.. even when I'm getting on it I still get around 4X-5X as the lowest. Are you watching on current mpg or long term averaged?
  6. chiburbia

    Aurora area

    Nah I'm up in Schaumburg every so often because you have a CycleGear Any good riding up that way? All Wayne's world references are appreciated and encouraged
  7. I bought my bike slightly used (2,2XX miles) and the previous owner put on some aftermarket parts. TwoBros exhaust, PC5, higher flow filter, etc. My question, is what RPM are people running in 6th at 70mph? I'm trying to determine if he changed any of the sprockets (I figured it was a viable possibility with all the other aftermarket changes he made) because I'm running 5-5400rpm at 70 in 6th gear and it just seems slightly high to me..
  8. chiburbia

    Aurora area

    Anyone ride out near Aurora or surrounding vicinity?
  9. chiburbia

    Kevlar sleeves

    Anyone own something similar to these? I have a mesh/textile riding jacket and with how cheap these long Kevlar sleeves are I wonder if it'd be worth having to throw on underneath the jacket when it's not unbearably hot. The jacket has CE elbows and some abrasion resistant patches, but being mesh there's obviously a cut to some of the safety opting for air flow. https://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B01CIKPPA4/ref=pd_aw_fbt_328_img_3?ie=UTF8&psc=1&refRID=Z0MT1FW2PMEPGG72YSX4
  10. chiburbia

    Fox Valley riders

    Old post I know, but I'm in North Aurora if anyone wants to ride and doesn't mind a newbie.
  11. Hey all! The names Alex, and I'm an upcoming rider here hoping to join the 07 family. I've been doing some shopping and I found a bike I'm thinking of pulling the trigger on, but I do have a couple simple concerns. The bike in question is a clean '15 with a Yoshi and then some cosmetics, but what concerns me is the mileage. 18k on the odometer. From what I've seen that's a bit high for that year, but I'm lead to believe it was an actual commuter bike instead of a weekend cruiser. Is there anything I should be weary of or look for in a 2 year old 07 with 18k? I am a virgin to the bike world, besides some dirt bikes (yes, I know it's nothing similar), so I'm looking to the people who ride these bikes for some more accurate info. Thanks, and hopefully I'll be a real part of the group by the end of the season! Edit: Also, besides sitting and doing a small parking lot cruise, I'm concerned about fitment, although it seemed comfortable for the time I was on it, I am 6'5" and I'm wondering how other tall riders find it for extended rides. Thanks!

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