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  1. I ask the same as surferboy, where did you get it for 430 Euros? Send a private message if you don't want to publicly say it
  2. Where did you found it for 420 Euros delivered?
  3. daviziko

    Jerky shifting

    I agree with this... I find my gearbox to be clunky, so I do clutch-less upshitfting and downshifting.
  4. Thanks for your time! I'll have to think about the extra knob gonna have to study how to set up suspension... any recommendation about that (books, dvds, youtube channel)?
  5. daviziko

    Most quiet /comfortable helmet

    I heavily recommend Shark Speed-R (v2) if you can get it discounted (I think Shark stopped making them last year, got mine at ~190Euros (incl. shipping +taxes)) it's a bargain: Double-D (safety++), Sun-visor (comfort++) and not as quiet as a Schuberth but very very well above average sound isolation (comfort++), chin textile patch for less air turbulence (comfort++) but that comes at a price, air flow inside the helmet is so-so, mouth-nose is OK but hair cooling is lacking unless you are cruising at >100kmh so comfort-- if you live/ride in hot areas (30-40 Celsius) and don't have some straights to speed up to cool. I'd also take a look at Scorpion Exo1200 a friend has it, and he is very happy; from our chats I'd say Exo1200 has more cooling but with some noise. I believe common wisdom is that Schuberth is state of the art when talking about sound-proof helmets (I've never had one, so can't comment on it)
  6. One more question would you have Razor-R Lite ~470Euros or Razor-R ~620Euros ?
  7. You may be right. I'll try the shock upgrade and oil fork change + preload fork caps, hopefully they are everything I need for my skill level You recommended the K-Tech Razor-Lite ~400 Euros, but the offer I got is ~470Euros. Would you still chose it over Ohlins (490Euros including 1L of Motul Fork, Expert (Medium) )??
  8. At 75KG I would run 33/33 psi. But over/under pressure isn't the issue. You need a 10mm box wrench and a heavy vise that can grip round stock, small butane gun, a crescent, a (home made) cartridge tool, and pair of calipers and you should be able to do it. Pity the round-a-bout is traffic light controlled, else you could put your knee on the deck and go round and round and round till you were dizzy. Or slid under a bus or lorry. :'( We have a thing here for traffic lights on roundabouts, even if they won't get traffic at all. I guess that since we put so many of them, they come heavily discounted ? Any chance of buying cartridge already fixed from you?
  9. You have a PM Sir - Paul BellissiMoto.com Thanks Paul! Don't know if I'll choose the Bitubo option, but you are treating potential clients the right way so keep doing!
  10. Please PM me for with your address for an accurate quote - Paul BellissiMoto.com It will take a few messages more on the forum. I live in Zaragoza, Spain, Europe (shipping costs are usually the same no matter where in continental Spain)
  11. Couldn't find them cheap enough? Please look at this thread: Bitubo Suspension And take 20% off Retail prices for being a Forum member. Should be less expensive than anyone else out there. If not, please let me know... - Paul BellissiMoto.com I live in Europe, so I have to take into account shipping + import taxes. Feel free to provide a quote
  12. I live in the middle of the valley and I have a 1 hour ride before finding some twists, so I'm limited to one day a week for riding I've gone to the newbie section, found a couple books recommendations and already ordered a couple from Amazon. Thanks for the suggestion!
  13. Already looked at them, but couldn't find them cheap enough. Thanks for your suggestion!
  14. Already did that, and putting some mileage to get used to the feelings. Thanks for your comment!

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