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  1. Can i ask what advantage added a PCV gave you when you already had a Woolich flast tune?
  2. michael

    Hordpower Airbox

    I don't usually ride in pissing down rain so can't comment on that. But your legs shield it a fair bit. At the same time i also installed a pyramid rear hugger. It drops way down more then standard to protect the shock/open airbox design and stops water spray working its way up. Someone on the MT07 aussie FB group had a special cloth cover for the airfilter which looked good. It's a K&N filter so it's probably just a cover for that.
  3. michael

    Hordpower Airbox

    Not many people have them In Australia. But reading the forum gave me the confidence to go ahead and purchase. Spoken to a few aussies who also purchased based on the experiences they had read on this forum. I appreciate as a vendor it would be difficult to keep track of these referral pathways. I was originally put off and concerned about the completely open design however it was a thread on here that convinced me it's not so much an option.
  4. Good things unfortunately cost money. But in contrast to the Yamaha comfort option which is like $360-80 aud from memory this is worlds apart. lol R1. I've ridden my fair share of dirt bikes with crappy seats some with lack of seats. But the simpler things in life like a comfy seat and enjoying getting back on the bike after a long ride is worth it to me.
  5. michael

    Hordpower Airbox

    @hordboy, i contacted you on FB and ordered your airbox to Australia. However i found out about your product and read on this forum, as did may of my other friends who then made contact with you by other means.. your website or FB. I think this forum really is the best resource for MT/FZ 07 information on the internet.
  6. Bagster specifically the READY SPECIAL in matching colours for my bike with Gel. Used a re-seller to ship to Australia from France. Amazingly fast, great website to deal with: https://www.silverstonemotor.com/bagster-yamaha-mt07-mt-07-2014-motorcycle-confort-ready-special-saddle,us,4,BAGST-Selle-SPE-MT07-14.cfm
  7. michael

    Carbon Fibre / Fiber

    Absolutely! Which is what I'm hoping to uncover with this thread... said high quality items.. =)
  8. I'm very indecisive and i can say my meditate reaction and use tended to be the darker themes but for some reason i've left it set on "Lime" ...
  9. Pretty much every product range has been discussed somewhere on this forum however there is a lack of information regarding carbon fibre parts. I'm hoping to catalogue in this thread members experiences with different websites and suppliers of CF parts for the MT/FZ 07. I currently have a Pyramid branded CF rear huger that looks fantastic out of the box. I'm yet to install it. I choose this due to it's design as it steps down lower to protect the rear shock and debris heading towards my Hords air intake. I'm curious to hear peoples experience with other CF parts and brands and would love to see pictures of them installed. I'm looking at getting air intake CF covers and Side Frame Panels in the future.
  10. How many on the rear are you running?
  11. Any updates on those running different gearing ratios? Thoughts now those who have posted in this thread have been riding for a while with the changes?
  12. michael

    Need moral support...

    Reading anecdotal medial advise filtered with theories of "big pharma" makes me cringe. Most anti-hypertensives are off patent. Hypertension is the clinical sign. It is non-specific and can be from a multitude of causes. If you have renal artery stenosis all the right diet in the world, exercise and holistic fairy dust will do absolutely nothing. You are describing symptoms of hypotension. Feeling presyncopal... this could be multifactorial. Perhaps the dose of the antihyperensive need to be split. Perhaps night time dosing it more effective. If you are truly hypertensive and have now been reduced to a normal range you need time to adjust. Some people become accustomed to higher BP's like BSL in diabetics and have a relative (to their new set baseline) hypo that is considered the normal range for healthy people. Perhaps the best advice was given in the 2nd or 3rd post. That is are you truely hypertensive? Your doctor is giving you the best available advice not based on anecdotes or pharma hands outs. But collective systemic review level data, controlled for bias or finical interference, collected over 100 of thousands of individuals. Replicated in multiple studies across multiple politically/social health jurisdictions across the world. However he/she is basing there advice on the a set of readings when you visit the office. Is this accurate? Hard to say. People naturally vary their blood pressure throughout the day and between days however this is usually minimal amount. What is a well document phenomenon is "white coat hypertension". There is a very real possibility that you are hypertensive and anxious when going into the office. Additional is the machine they are using got the correct size cuff to your arm size. Extremes of normal (very thin or obese) can effect readings and the cuff needs to be changed. Is this reading replicated on other machines. I think the advice for buying a good quality machine at home and track your BP 2 or 3 times a day for a few weeks and record in the book will give the best answer. Obvious the stakes are higher given you ride a bike and can't have a permissible feeling of hypotension. I would firstly workout where you sit. If you are hypertensive it needs to be treated. It's as simple as that. The question then is what drug, what dose, what dosing interval (morning vs night, split dose vs single dose) and work out what works for you. Lastly hypertension is common. People get fixated on numbers. It's more of a concern if it goes untreated for an extended period of time rather then an individual reading. Unfortunately as you age you collect more things then wrinkles.. Advances in medicine is the reason why life average expectancy is now mid to late 80's.
  13. michael


    Does anyone know about the heating option they provide? It says integrated heating option as one of the additions on the silvberstonemotor website. The actual bagster website is pretty scant of details. I would be curious to see how it intergrates, how it's controlled and experiences others may have had. I also wander if just the piolt seat will fit without the pillion seat as i have the yamaha rear crowl on my bike.
  14. What are peoples thoughts in regards to brightness? Especially those above who have them installed? I would like to know if they are brighter then OEM. Head to head TST VS motodynamic VS Blaster-X Does clear or smoked make a difference? I also just stumbled across this: https://japan.webike.net/products/21868966.html

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