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  1. Went on for a nice little group ride and got some interesting pictures from the other riders. I'm running the smoked TST taillight and I've always been a little worried about its visibility. Here's two pictures from following bikes where my taillight (with brake lights on) are the brightest thing in the group. I wanted to share for anyone on the fence about the smoked light.
  2. thedriver1

    Anudder Scoonie

    Wow that color looks spectacular! Got me thinking about trying to vinyl wrap my red bike to blue...
  3. thedriver1

    Where to start w/gear?

    Coming from someone in Florida, riding where it's always hot: lighter textile/mesh jacket works well. Plenty cool as long as you're moving and anything will get hot sitting stopped in traffic. I see a lot of people riding with armored vests which will protect your chest but pretty much nothing else if you go down. Seems almost not worth it, especially since I've heard some are multi-hundred dollar pieces of gear. I've been running a REVIT GT-R Air for the last couple years and it's been very nice. In terms of helmet, walk into the closest Cycle Gear/motorcycle shop and try stuff on. Make sure it fits and has no weird pressure points but still holds your head steady. Make sure it has SNELL and/or ECE rating, DOT isn't enough. I run an HJC FG-17 which I probably overpaid for at the motorcycle shop but it's been comfy. I got a smoked shield for it and use it anytime I'm out during daylight and it works much better than sunglasses. I also bought my gf a Bell Qualifier with transitions shield. The shield is cool but I've heard people say it doesn't transition fast enough. Her helmet seems to cut through the air with less turbulence but fits me very loose, so I can't wear it comfortably. I just bought the coolest looking affordable Alpinestars gloves on Revzilla. Took awhile for the palms to wear in so the joints between leather panels weren't uncomfortable, but they work fine now. Make sure whatever you get has knuckle protection, it's already saved me once. That's all the gear I started out with, whatever pair of jeans and ankle-high boots you have sitting around is fine to begin with if you're trying to not spend too much money on gear. You can add to the collection later as you need or can afford more! I think I got started for about $500 and then added another helmet, jacket, and boots as I could afford them. That reminds me, I've been meaning to pick up a pair of proper motorcycle jeans for awhile... Btw, nice bike, red is the fastest color
  4. thedriver1

    Harley 114

    Anyone catch the article Revzilla just posted on it? They quoted the vice president of design as saying "The main customer we focused the motorcycle on is the person who wants performance ahead of just about anything else." The sentence immediately prior gave a curb weight of 668 lbs, I got a good laugh out of that
  5. How much for the fender eliminator?
  6. I agree with mjh, I'm running no snorkel and stock air filter with the 2WDW tune. If i remember correctly I found someone on the forum who had thoroughly studied it and determined that cutting the snorkel made airflow worse if it did anything. So either snorkel on with no tune or snorkel off with tune
  7. My redhead wanted to go play in the weeds
  8. thedriver1

    Devil Exhaust Short Vid

    Those taillights look awesome!
  9. I tried bleeding once, but I didn't remove either of the calipers to eliminate the effect of that loop. I may have to give that a try next. Thank you!
  10. Let my friend ride the FZ last week and his only comment was that the front brakes felt a bit soft. I had never noticed until I rode his supersport, but now it definitely feels like an upgrade is necessary. I may have to try those.
  11. Got my Akra carbon installed, this week. Took about 2 hours sitting in the parking lot and only required the purchase of a couple new tools! haha The bike sounds so much better even with the baffle in. My friend who helped me install it mentioned that it finally sounded like a real bike. To celebrate I went out with my university's motorcycle club and rode to a local Vietnam war museum. It's so much fun to open the throttle with the new exhaust and man, she'll keep up with some quick bikes cornering at reasonably safe road speeds.
  12. thedriver1

    HELP: Can you Identify these wires?

    I've been a bit too busy to post on these forums recently, but I wanted to give an update to conclude this adventure. The new engine speed sensor showed up from Ebay, I installed it and the bike runs perfectly again. All sensors appeared to be reading accurately. I've attached a picture of the old and new sensor for anyone in the future needing to diagnose the engine speed sensor.
  13. thedriver1

    HELP: Can you Identify these wires?

    That would make a lot of sense. The bike did start and run with no codes with only the coolant sensor plugged in and the RPM worked properly. I didn't ride it to test the speedo yet. But the new sensor should be in by Friday and the exhaust will go on sometime this week. I'm very ready to ride it again
  14. thedriver1

    HELP: Can you Identify these wires?

    Dead on! I started pulling things apart and discovered the the wires for the coolant temp sensor were severed at the harness, but the wires for the engine speed sensor were severed on the connector side. I was able to re-solder the coolant temp sensor and added some heat shrink for insulation and chafe resistance. Unfortunately that damn squirrel completely trashed the engine speed sensor connector so I couldn't re-use that. Dealership quoted $88, found it online off a wrecked bike for $55 shipped and it's on it's way to my house. Guess I'll leave the bike uncovered for now so that it isn't a nice dry place for squirrels.
  15. thedriver1

    Request for help for an unusual project

    Unfortunately, I can't help with the project but I was in the FSAE team at my university for a couple years. Your car looks great so far, good luck with the ECU tuning!

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