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  1. oh my bad ok. i bought the helmet at wheels in motion not online, however you can buy it at a bunch of different online shops. i'll post the link to revzilla i guess since thats the site i do the most shopping at. ps: probably obv but i put the alpinestar and asv stickers on they don't come on the helmet. https://www.revzilla.com/motorcycle/arai-corsair-x-rea-helmet
  2. finally got a new helmet after 8yrs. arai corsair x. love the look and the feel.
  3. tucker21

    scala Q1 volume issues

    you were able to find a placement for the stock speakers that was loud enough to hear while riding? cuz even while standing still I could barely hear anything.
  4. tucker21

    scala Q1 volume issues

    is there something I'm missing that would make using the scala better than simply getting a pair of Bluetooth headphones which I can pair with my phone? with the q1 I'm just pairing that too my phone but I don't see what function it's really serving since I'm not going to be using the intercom function I just want to listen to music n the occasional phone call.
  5. tucker21

    scala Q1 volume issues

    so it's basically useless? I really want a wireless option that's attached to helmet not my ears. are there any better speakers that could plug into the scala and be glued into the helmet? if I'm gonna get new headphones I might as well just get Bluetooth headphones n connect em to my phone what's the point of the scala at all? sigh i don't understand how anyone uses the scala and how did I not read anything about this when I researched the unit grrrrr don't understand how anyone uses these devices in their stock form. edit: what headphones did your son use and did they just plug directly into the scala?
  6. hey guys got a scala Q1 installed in my arai corsair x and man you can't hear anything. even with all vents closed shield down and volume all the way up on the device and my iphone the volume is barely audible even at a standstill. i moved the speakers so they are no longer behind the padding so they aren't even obstructed at all and still its barely audible. has anyone else used the scala devices? i contacted customer support waiting to hear back but just curious to hear feedback from anyone else who has used these devices. cheers.
  7. added some stickers n a carbon fiber protector to the gas cap.
  8. tucker21

    my ginger build

    added a carbon fiber protector to the gas cap. small thing but I like the little touches. picture upload
  9. tucker21

    my ginger build

    they're ok do the job just fine. they are a cheaper option tho so not quite as solid as ones I've had in the past (vortex) but for the price I can't complain. I feel a little bit of vibration at times but not too bad. if i get some extra money (after I do the suspension) I'd love to get the lighttech R rear sets as those are legit beautiful and super high quality, but until then these are def legit.
  10. tucker21

    my ginger build

    well since i have a couple red stickers on there and everyone knows red is the fastest color i've estimated about 3.5hp gain.
  11. tucker21

    my ginger build

    oh ya also replaced the small DRL bulb in the headlamp housing with a 194 LED wedge bulb so it now matches the cyclops headlight.
  12. tucker21

    my ginger build

    added a few stickers.....may have gone a bit overboard what do you guys think?
  13. tucker21

    my ginger build

    i LOVE LOVE LOVE the mirrors. super high quality, don't vibrate at all and the field of vision is vastly superior. the heel guards came with the rear sets so i just replaced the stock ones. haha ya i know thats def my next mod, just saving up a bit cuz i went a lil crazy.
  14. tucker21

    my ginger build

    swapped the passenger pegs with black ones that look almost identical to the rear sets and wow looks so much better.
  15. tucker21

    2017 rear seat cowl

    I ended up getting a carbon fiber cowl and I think it looks great on the red bike. if you want to see how it looks check out my build thread in the members gallery forum (my ginger build). cheers.

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