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  1. Due to some circumstances I'm trying to sell my newly acquired FZ-07. It's 100% stock and in perfect condition mechanically and cosmetically. Just had 600 mile service done. Currently 6xx miles. Clean title with no lien. I bought it from a Chevy dealer who took it on a trade and I should have the title in my possession later this week. I hate to sell it but feel it's best. Please contact me with questions. Asking $4950 firm.
  2. gripnrip

    Icon Alliance GT helmet review

    Not a typical see-it-from-space hi viz helmet but definitely more visible than some helmets.
  3. gripnrip

    Icon Alliance GT helmet review

    I can't comment on fogging issues. I haven't ridden it in conditions where fogging would be an issue. I will let you know...
  4. I needed to replace my Shoei Qwest but didn't want to spend $300+ for a new helmet. After reading a bunch of reviews and trying many helmets on at the local shop I went with the Hi Viz Icon Alliance GT. I feel the sizing is true. I really like the feel of the cheek pads. They almost feel like they have gel in them. The helmet is noticeably quieter than the Shoei Qwest. There are a ton of variables that contribute to helmet noise but for a 5' 9' person on an FZ-07 (with no windscreen) it is pretty quiet. The exhaust note, which is quiet to start with, was virtually unnoticeable with the Alliance GT helmet. Buffeting at highway speeds was present but totally manageable. Ventilation was good and on par with the Qwest. I have a narrowish medium sized head (definitely not round) and it fits me great. The graphics and finish are excellent. I think Icon is exceptional in this category. I really like the internal sun visor! I wasn't sure how those would feel but I'm a big fan now. I highly recommend this helmet. I'll post pics when I get a home. Feel free to ask any questions you might have about the helmet.
  5. gripnrip

    Old rider, new FZ.

    I just found out I might have to sell my newly acquired FZ! We had a couple unexpected expenses and things are now a little too tight. It's a bummer because it's such a great bike.
  6. gripnrip

    Old rider, new FZ.

    My grammar isn't the greatest. I guess by "old" I meant that I've been riding for a while, not necessarily that I'm up there in years (although I'm no spring chick)). Thanks for all the greetings though. I'm loving the FZ! In a strange way it kind of reminds me of the Ducati Monster I used to own (RIP... a kid turned in front of me...). I'm already learning tons about the bike.
  7. gripnrip

    Central Indiana

    Crap, I meant between Shoals and Paoli. Has to be one of the best rides in Indiana.
  8. I test rode mine but it was being sold by a local Chevy dealer. They made me sign a lengthy waiver form. The test ride sealed the deal.
  9. gripnrip

    Central Indiana

    I'm down in Evansville. I'd love to meet in between sometime for a ride. South-central IN has some great rides. Loogotee to Shoals on 150 is one of my favorites.
  10. I had my mind set on a dual sport but saw this a 2017 FZ-07 at a local Chevy dealer at a great price. I loved the looks of the 07 but wasn't sure how I felt about the parallel twin engine. I rode a Ninja 650 a while back and wasn't impressed. Nonetheless, for the price I thought it was worth checking out. A test drive and an hour later I walked out the proud new owner a nearly new FZ-07. Only had 285 miles. They took the bike in on a trade and given the price I got it for, the poor sucker who traded it in must have really took it on the chin. When I get a chance I'll post some initial thoughts. photo website hosting

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