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  1. kriptikracing

    New FZ Hawaii edition

    Howzit! Welcome to the 2wheel ohana. What island are you on? I'm on Oahu and just got my FZ back in May...got only 1,200 miles on her now. I've got some decent mods already, so let me know if you want to check it out before you buy stuff. Hit me up if you wanna ride some time too!
  2. kriptikracing

    Akrapovic Titanium-Carbon

    Referring to this newer model with the carbon fiber cap. You remove the carbon fiber cap then there will be a small marking where u drill to break the weld. Checkout these vids below. The original titanium model is a pain too but no drilling required. Most people get that out by using a dowel and a rubber mallet.
  3. I have different classifications lol: My favorite mod - akrapovic carbon exhaust If I could do ONLY 1 mod and nothing else - ECU flash
  4. kriptikracing

    Akrapovic Titanium-Carbon

    I don't know if you saw the vids on YouTube, but if you are wanting to take out the baffle on that model you will need to drill it. There's a very small weld that you need to drill through to break free the baffle. It's marked and fairly easy to do, but the thought of drilling a $1000+ exhaust is a bit much. Of course if you plan on leaving the baffle then it doesn't matter.
  5. kriptikracing

    Too soon to install?

    I installed my akrapovic carbon at 30miles on the odometer along with a flashed ecu. I say go for it!
  6. kriptikracing

    Akrapovik Carbon Fiber first impressions.

    Yup, same first impression I had too. Don't get me wrong I was smiling ear to ear on my first ride. BUT, I knew after my second ride that I needed to remove the baffle. The sound quality is that much better with it out. I can see how some might think it's too loud, but I was fine with the loudness.
  7. kriptikracing

    When did the addiction start

    Started when I was around 8 years old and saw my very first Kawasaki Ninja up close. Truth be told though, I think at that age I probably was more fascinated with the name "ninja" as much as seeing a motorcycle. After that, every motorcycle that looked similar was called a ninja lol. You would think my first motorcycle would be a ninja but it ended up being a Yamaha yzf600r.
  8. Anybody have experience with this tire? Search results didn't pop up much.
  9. kriptikracing

    Who wants to ride on Oahu this weekend? 6/3/17

    Doh! Sorry, I would love to but I can't. I've got the cable guy coming anywhere from 8-5 on Friday, ugh!...and I work the weekends. I hope you enjoy your stay here though! Hey finally another rider on Oahu! Where you been hiding!?...lol. Is there an fz07 group on the island? I just got my 2017 rapid red last month. We should ride some time. I live in Mililani.
  10. kriptikracing

    Any East Coast Tuners for reflash?

    I went with vcyclenut. I originally was going to buy an fz09 but ended up with the fz07. In the FZ09 realm, Vcyclenut is well known. David who owns vcyclenut is very helpful and always returns your emails any where from 30secs to an hour or two. It's always same day reply. He's really good with communication. Because I was going with the fz09 originally, I knew he did fz07's also so I went with him. I can't specifically tell you if his tune is better than 2wdw or somebody else. I only had my 07 for 2 days when I had switched out the ecu and installed an akrapovic Carbon exhaust. Oh that's another thing, he's an authorized dealer for akrapovic so I got my ecu flashed and my exhaust from him at a very good price. Another good thing is that he does a "no down time" thing where you pay an extra $200...he'll ship a flashed ecu to you...when you get it, you swap it out...if you're happy then you send him your original ecu. He'll refund the $200 once he receives your ecu and confirms its working. That way you can continue to ride your bike while you wait for a flashed ecu. Check him out: http://www.vcyclenut.com/store/c9/FZ_7%2FFZ_8_Products.html
  11. kriptikracing

    Frame sliders. Yes or No?

    Get the t-rex racing combo. Has all sliders you'll need...frame, case, axle...also comes with rear spools. Roughly $400 shipped.
  12. kriptikracing

    What is Your Dream Motorcycle "Quiver"?

    1. 2000 Honda RC51 2. Aprilia SXV 550 3. 2017 Yamaha R6 (I'm a Yamaha fanboy since 2000 and always wanted an R6...it's too bad the price keeps going up)
  13. Anyone modify their akrapovic carbon baffle? I know some of the titanium guys drill holes and/or cut the baffle an inch or two. However, I haven't seen anyone modify the baffle on the carbon model. I wonder if it'll yield same results...a happy medium sound between baffle in/out. I love having the baffle out but coming home at 11pm or leaving home at 5am...makes me sound like a motorcycle gang of 1 lol. I haven't got any complaints from neighbors, but I've only had my exhaust for a week. It's hilarious being in 6th gear at 25mph.
  14. kriptikracing

    Helmet for air flow

    Slightly more than your price range but it does flow some good air https://www.revzilla.com/motorcycle/agv-ax-8-evo-naked-helmet
  15. kriptikracing

    Hawaii FZ07 RIDERS

    Oh man I wish I could ride on those roads! I have family there and I used to go every year. It's too bad the superferry got stopped. Not many clear roads here on Oahu. We do have tantalus but it's often slick since it's up in the mountain. How's the big island scene? Got a group there?

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