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    FZ-07 General Review

    It's all subjectives. For me, the weakest factor is the seat and the suspension. But, the 07 is the bike that i kept the longest in ownership (4 years and 3 months). It's a great commuter bike. The 07 is my 10th street bike. For a low price, i ride all kinds of roads, paved or not (with Avon Trailrider tires). Till now, the 07 is the best bike i owned considering that ratio cost/mile. I really love the cp2 engine. In fact, in this discount end of season, i want to change. Problem is, nothing get me excited when i listen to my responsible side. So, i guess, i'm just waiting for the Tenere 700. The demo ride will be the desicive factor. I had big expectations when the Super Tenere was first available. 2 demo rides convince me to ... not buy this bike. For sure, i would bought it, if i didn't owned, 4 years before that, a Suzuki V-Strom 1000. The best advice for someone who is in the market for the FZ/MT 07, or any bike for that matter, is to take a demo ride. The longer, the better. The ultimate would be a half of day, so if leasing is possible, save your self a lot of troubles. my 2 cents.
  2. lonerider

    Who has moded exhaust around Montreal?

    I'm in the north area of Mtl. Exhaust wise, all the 07 i see here are bone stock.
  3. I bought a Saddlemen gel pad (large size)a few months after buying the 07. I used this pad for a very short time. The pad stayed in a closet for the last 3 years. Gradually, the stock seat feel less as a pain. But i didn't ride long distances. I used it a few days ago for a 5 hours trip. The samed trip i've done two weeks ago without this pad. I just love the way it makes rhe seat higher. I felt more comfortable with my knees less bent. It also help for a better distribution of pressure points. I ride non stop for a full tank without discomfort. No need to use the straps.
  4. This is strange, my input isn't listed anymore. And my production number is taken by another person. Who cloned my bike? Canadian 090, red fz. I got it in june 2014. Added
  5. The Fazer 750 (I'm from Canada, we get the real 750 bikes, lol) was a great looking bike. And the 5 valves/cylinder was something attractive and the bike's look was distinctive. Sadly, they have sell poorly. So, i rarely saw a used one. So forget to try to buy one.
  6. Where are the young guns? I'm really surprised by the numbers.
  7. For the really hot summer days, i wear a Firstgear Mesh Tex jacket. https://firstgear-usa.com/mens-gear/jackets/mesh-tex-jacket.html This year, so far, i didn't use it much. Temps are cooler this year and we have a unusually rainy spring over here.
  8. lonerider

    Bikes you wish you still had

    Back in the late '80, i made the mistake to not buy the Yamaha TDR250. That's why i'm looking for all info about the fourthcoming KTM 390 Adventure. But i miss the fun of a 2 stroke engine (for the road).
  9. Are you sure? I mean, the XJ550 Seca and also the FJ/XJ600 were great performing machines, and the latter also had the most low- and midrange power in its class in the mid-80s. But the Seca II, aka XJ600 Diversion, was a bland tourer. Probably why I liked it - perhaps the easiest bike to ride ever. Docile engine, nimble and friendly handling as long as you didn't go crazy - the soft suspension would then cry uncle pretty quickly. The Seca II was a bike totally void of attitude, whereas the FZ-07 is all about attitude. I get your points. The FJ was sportier (peakier engine, better suspension). I did some track days with the Seca II and his marshmallow suspension, . The engine was tuned for more low end torque. Like the 07. I always loved the Seca series, Hey, i owned a 1981. XJ750 Seca. I guess i'm a little biaised, lol.
  10. Here, in Canada we had the RZ350 (liquid cooled generation of the RD). Fabulous bike. It rules the lightweight series in the 80s. 10 years later the Ninja 500 became the replacement for the then discontinued RZ. Both had 60 hp. I see the FZ07 like an exciting version of the Yamaha Seca II. Nothing beat the RZ350 (RD350LC in other market), even now, imho.
  11. lonerider

    FZ-07 to Wr250R?

    I owned a WR250X 2010. Great commuter bike and a blast on unpaved roads. Demo ride The DRZ400SM before purchase. The Suzuk is a pain on highways. The FZ07 is also fun on unpaved roads. I have Avon Trailrider. Sure the WR250 was more fun on forest roads. But the FZ07, for me, is a better do it all bike. I sold the WR because the taste of doing some short road trips came back. The main thing for you is, i guess, find what kind of riding you want to do.
  12. Great to see that other riders are enjoying the 07 on every roads. Have a set of Avon Trailrider tires on my 07. Great improvement for unpaved roads and fire roads. Have to say that the Avon Distanzia was better on unpaved road. The Trailrider is replacing the Distanzia.
  13. My first street bike was a 1981 Yamaha Seca 750 (bought in '91). 76 hp and 481 pounds with shaft drive. Had a couple of bikes after that. Doing some track days a few years. Then i went to the adventure bikes mode. In late 2013, i test ride a Yamaha FZ-09. Great ride, falled in love with the engine's sound. But i knew that i didn't need all that power. 75 hp is all i need. Had 2 bikes with 100 hp. Loved my previous Suzuki SV650S. So, i told my local Yamaha dealer, to call me when the MT07 will come to Canada. Riding bikes like the Seca II and the FZ6, the chance of getting a naked bike was almost none. But told myself that i didn't do road's trip. So .... bought the 07 in the spring of 2014. Loved this engine. I promised to myself to keep this bike for at least 4 years. I never kept a bike more than 4 years. Why? I like diversity. And i don't want to have more than one bike at a time. Been there, done that. It will be hard to keep the 07 till the end of 2018. For me, the best bike would be a light adventure bike. Is the 07 is the greatest bike i owned? Nope. If it had the quarter fairing and the suspension of my previous FZ6, it would be a better bike. Duo riding on the 07 is no fun at all. The passenger seat is only good for a tail bag.

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