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  1. rogueone

    What was your first street bike?

    2013 Ninja 300
  2. Hello everyone I have this fear of my rear wheel slipping uncontrollably. In a way that's too fast for me to react. When I corner, I have so much weight on the side the bike is leaned on. I think to myself there is not enough weight on the tire, the cornering momentum is going to push it from under me. (Imagine someone slipping on oil or gravel that's what I imagine would happen on a nice road due to the momentum/pressure on the contact surface being at an angle). This is all after I lowsided on a corner last summer. My pegs hit then the bike lowsided way too fast (safety guards at the bottom of the pegs were off). Someone told me I was going too slow for the corner. I also have no feeling on the rear tire, I know when it slips but not the feedback of the surface. Is my suspension too lose or too tight?
  3. rogueone

    2016 Rusting!

    there is some there too. Well my real question wasn't answered yet. Whats the probability of the frame rusting on the inside? And is this covered under warranty since its rusting through the paint at places?
  4. Rarely rode 1200 km on it. I have noticed rusting: -In front on the two extended metals that stop the handle bar from turning to far. -Around the neck of the frame that holds the front end. -The exhaust leads at the engine block. -break mounts -rotors -Some areas of the frame and the hole on the frame next to where you would mount a frame slider. This bike was parked in a garage with lots of moisture problems. Never rode in the rain. Bad built quality? Or neglect? I'm starting to wonder if its rusting inside the frame too since the frame is hollow and moisture could be in there too. <-- Worried about this one, what if it breaks when I ride it
  5. The front powers on but doesn't blink means the problem is in the back side. If the back bulb is not working on my bike, the front lights up solid. Try a continuity test (You need a Multimeter) on the back wires/bulb.
  6. rogueone


    Welcome! Take it slow and relax. I have a ninja 300, after 2 years, I feel ready for an upgrade. Ninja is still fun ride for commuting though xD
  7. Thats very true. I'm a student with a part time so budget isn't flexable. But one day I will buy a new bike! When you say its not a steal, how much would you consider a really good deal? (realistically) Maybe I can work with him to bring it down. These are 7900 - 8~~~ new in Ontario and with taxs it comes to 8900 - 9600 (depending on the dealer)
  8. I know someone thats selling an fz 07 for 6000 CAD (~4660.5 USD). It has 4500 km (2796.17 mi). Fully stock except fender eliminator and bar end mirrors. Clean bike (he says) What do you guys think?
  9. Very helpful thank you guys. Can someone model number for US graphite version with blue frames? I can't see the 2015 version at Yamaha's website anymore. There seem to be a small colour difference (based on the pictures I saw) between Canadian gray and US Graphite so I don't want to get the wrong panels.
  10. I didn't know the tank body panel was swapable! That's awesome. Thank you guys. Do you guys know if they changed anything for the 2016 or 2017 model? Will the 2015's gray fit 2016 or 2017 And do you guys know of any site that sells the gray body fairing with an option to ship to Canada?
  11. Hi guys I made this account to try to get some information on importing an fz from the states to Toronto. Canada doesn't have the dark gray model with blue frames. I can't find any good classifieds for the US. The ones I looked at don't have too many fz-07's. Any help here would be much appreciated! Also, let me know if a dealer has an 2015 fz-07 dark gray with blue frames preferably from New York or states closer to Ontario.
  12. FZ-07 I currently have a ninja 300. I'm joined this forum before I get my fz

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