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  1. Yeah...I wanted something more secure....and that replacement plastic piece isn't too expensive. It is a pain in the butt to get to, though.
  2. I removed that center plastic piece and drilled two holes into it and fastened the USB port using some metric fasteners and hex nuts with loctite.
  3. I just did the Yamaha demo day two weeks ago in Vancouver, WA. I ended up riding the R6, FZ-10, and the XSR-900. The R6 was definitely a fun bike, but I don't think it's worth the lower back pain. It sounded great and was fun to rev up high. I tried to find some comfortable, upright position, but I just don't think it's possible for my height (5'5"). I hated the twitchiness of the throttle on the FZ-10. I had a hard time keeping it from jerking in anything except the lowest throttle mode. The XSR-900 was great! Lots of power and comfy to ride. If I already didn't have an FZ07, that might be a bike I'd pick up. After the demo day, I'd have to say I'm quite happy with my FZ-07 and don't see it going away any time in the future...I am interested in picking up a bike for the track though at some point.
  4. myrcode

    FZ-07 Shrike Bag Mount Pictures

    I just received my Shrike saddle bags and I'm very happy with them! I was a little hesitant to put saddle bags on my bike, but I was tired of overloading my backpack. These bags look great on the bike! The shape and position of the bags flows really well with the overall lines...you can tell it was custom made for this bike. The bags and mounts are very well made and James has thought of all the little details, down to including some metallic tape to protect the finish on the stock foot peg mounts from the set screws. Installation took about 5 minutes...I think it took me longer to remove the c-clip from the stock foot peg. I think I have the first set with the new locking mechanism. It's got a passthrough that allows you to use a luggage lock (see photos). I was planning on taking off the bags when I didn't need them, but they look so natural on the bike that I think I'm going to just leave them on all the time. Thanks James! http://i.imgur.com/yhMZ463.jpg http://i.imgur.com/aCJbxH7.jpg http://i.imgur.com/JJo8MZ2.jpg http://i.imgur.com/kse1hNe.jpg
  5. myrcode

    2k Miles later, what the FZ07 is not

    Edited....just saw the Traxxion link above.
  6. myrcode

    LED Running Lights

    The Proton LEDs work as DRL and they're super bright. I'm using both the cyclops and the Protons up front
  7. myrcode

    Luggage rack vs tail bags

    I think I'm getting the first set with the locking zipper. James sent me a photo of the prototype, which I can upload later when I get home.
  8. myrcode

    FZ-07 Shrike Bag Mount Pictures

    Just ordered one yesterday
  9. myrcode

    M4 install problem heads up.

    Same thing happened with my install. Had a leak also and had someone weld it together. Edit:. Just saw pictures. My weld wasn't that bad. There was just a lot of it holding the headers together.
  10. Got my all weather USB charging port installed....got all the wires hidden for a nice, clean install. I'll post some more photos when I'm back on the computer
  11. myrcode


    Bah! The seat isn't THAT uncomfortable.
  12. myrcode


    Any one know if we can order directly from Bagster in the US? I called CIMA international and they said they need to send out the pan for the original seat and turnaround will take a few months. They also said the cost starts at $500.
  13. I've got the TST tail light, fender Eliminator, and license plate holder / light. Pretty good quality and not too expensive. I think I've got almost all of their fz07 stuff on except for the front led flush mount turn signals. I thought they were too dim and switched them out for Proton 500 LEDs
  14. Hmmm, so the screw would go through the plastic support and I could tight it against it. Yup...no drilling here either. Did you use the supplied washer? It goes on the inside of the plastic support and allows you to tighten the screw against the plastic.
  15. myrcode

    New rider with eyes on an 07

    Here's another data point for you...i got a new 2016 fz07 out the door in Oregon form $6300. The fz07 is my first bike too...technically my second bike if you count the R3 I had for two weeks. I'm really liking the fz07. In the last month I've put over 1000 miles on it.

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