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  1. ericksrt4

    Bar end mirrors

    CRG is pricey but we'll worth the money
  2. ericksrt4

    Rear stand recommendations?

    Ended up going with the trackside rear on Cyber Monday for $50. It's basically a chinese knock off of a pitbull. It does the job well enough and for $50 I can't complain. Whenever I get the discretionary funds I'll go big and get woodcraft or pitbull but the trackside should hold me over for awhile.
  3. So I have the harbor freight aluminum special and they worked with my r&g rear spool sliders until one of the sliders broke. I replaced them with TST wommet tech spool sliders but my stand is now too narrow to work with them. Any good options that won't break the bank?
  4. ericksrt4

    The suspension hype - IT'S REAL!

    As a guy north of the 200# Mark I was always curious how much a suspension over haul could fix some of these issues. The nosedive at braking is terrible and I've about pulled an endo on a few emergency stops.
  5. Whats up! Got my 2015 fz07 last November just took me awhile to get on here. Also have a 2008 dodge caliber srt4 hence the user name. Only mods on the bike so far are a tail tidy/integrated tail light, woodcraft frame sliders and a tst rear spool slider. I'll post some pics once I can edit them to fit the 1.95mb limit. Anyways anyone else near me or in the south Georgia area or Florida panhandle?
  6. ericksrt4


    Glad I found this thread. My bars appear to be slightly bent so I'm in the market for some new ones. Currently torn between the renthal lows and ultra lows. Mostly do a lot of commuting to work. Not a big track guy more of a go out and cruise the back country roads type of rider. I'm a shorter guy with average length arms so I'm worried the ultra lows will have me leaning to far forward and putting too much weight on my wrists. I like having a little more weight forward however, actually turned my stock bars up a little bit to kind of achieve that as it gave the feeling I had more stability in turns. I'm just worried about comfort over long distances. Any tips?

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