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  1. fzar

    ECU FLASH and Yoshimura R77

    Try 3 rd. and /or shifting between both.
  2. I'm glad you walked/rode away from putting it down. It's a scary thought to be stuck under the bike and not having another rider there with you. Bikes can be fixed. Great example again of the advantages of wearing gear. Ride on!!
  3. Very Impressed. Well Done @stev74.
  4. I have the 1" woodcrafts, I don't have them installed yet though.
  5. fzar

    new fz 07 racer

    Thats the guy I was on about. I saw him race the NW200 (on tv) on the swapped out motor, according to the commentators.
  6. fzar

    new fz 07 racer

    I don't know what classes and rules you have in your local racing that qualifies as (light-weight) I do know that most lightweight class racing in europe has a cubic capacity of 650 cc which in turn makes the 689 cc not applicable. I know of a spanish guy who used the frame and changed out the motor to meet spec. I'd be interested in what racing you intend to do and the regulations, looks like your going to have fun stripping and bolting stuff on.
  7. It would in Arkansas. Seriously it would! Cover the jewels and wear sunglasses your good. No inspection either!! It baffles me beyond belief, you should see some of the contraptions on the road that are considered legal. Top five most dangerous state to drive in, I can't remember where Arkansas ranked but we neighbour all other 4 states. MS, AL, LA, OK. Good stuff!! I had read a report on this maybe 3 years ago, so I maybe not entirely correct on the other states. I know for sure you'd be legal with speedo's and sunglasses in AR.
  8. Seeming as you do! If you have it at hand, give it a go!
  9. Thanks for your honesty, LOL.
  10. You run the risk of being arrested for; riding without the appropriate safety gear, ya know , not having eye protection!!
  11. I'm gonna ride my mountain bike more as I think I have at least 20 lbs I can shave off, (try to beat that number by removing stuff, ) if I achieve it. lithium battery went its needed. I won't remove anything that has Guard in its name, nope,nope. radiator guard, coolant tank guard, heel guard, are all staying. I might change the T-Rex frame sliders as they weigh quite a bit and replace them with something not so bulky and cumbersome, but they look good with the burple FZ-07 that they don't make anymore (copyright thing I think) I do like the stator and clutch guards I bought from them. I'm on the fence about a exhaust, as much as I would like to lose the sewing machine sound, I like the way it goes unnoticed when I'm in the upper end of the tach.
  12. Other than this situation, I'd ride with them. They really can't be that bad if you feel there okay, I mean if you see some of the tyres people are riding on everyday that they feel are good ignoring TWI (+ 3000 miles) put them on and see how you feel.
  13. Interested, need better pics of the windscreen
  14. fzar

    WindScreen Dilemma!!

    I didn't know MRA had a screen available for the MT-07' 2018 out already. Is it a 14-17 screen? I was sure the new redesign wouldn't allow it to fit. Do tell @Fila

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