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  1. nick13

    Honda CTX700

    I think we've discussed this with you on CTX700 forum. I also bought FZ this spring and thought it will be capable of replacing the CTX DCT that I also have... It will not, they're not interchangeable. Completely different animals. You'll need both of them. I know I do. Keep both for awhile, then you'll see...
  2. I'd go for that too. Either option, depends on time of day, lol. But good idea though. Thanks. P.S. Third option to buy your seat with your pan and keep mine, how much that will increase the overall price?
  3. nick13

    When to sell

    In NYC, but I bought it in Connecticut...
  4. nick13

    When to sell

    You're right, I've never bought used bike with more than 6K on it... I bought mine 2015 this May with 4,300 miles... and I just realized... I paid for it also $4,300 that is FUNNY!
  5. Careful with M4, it's just a straight shorty, very loud at times...
  6. Please do share... Let us know what's the idea there. Horn button location renders horn itself useless. I'm looking for relocation/substitution to that button too. Thanks.
  7. I wish I could buy the two buttons attachment to connect my Denali air-horn to it. The original horn button location render horn useless.
  8. nick13

    Thanks from South Africa

    Is that a camera glitch, or your bike's swing arm and plastics are OD-green color?
  9. After buying Chinese crash bars and trowing them straight in the garbage can next day, because they simply did not fit, I decided to go a little German and bought more expensive Hepco & Becker Engine Guard - Yamaha MT-07... Oh boy, that was perfect example of old saying: You get what you pay for. Perfect fit, I mean it's perfect! And the bonus that you can leave the upper engine bracket (t-bone) in place, with Chinese bars they must go. German engineering shines again! Highly recommend. Toward winter I'll install on them small, clear knee wind-deflectors and maybe an air-horn - to scare nasty taxi drivers :-)
  10. Great. Will go true all that. Thanks for your help.
  11. Great, thanks. Will try all that. So far I checked the battery resting 12.6 volt and running 14.3 volts. While cranking - it drops to 10 volts. Seems OK. But the weirdest thing is that it can starts cold real good and strong, but after riding for 15 minutes, I stopped at gas station for one minute and then couldn't start engine again! The battery was hardly spinning the starter. Then during OTHER stops it was FINE again! This random battery behaving just killing me... If the battery was bad, it wouldn't start cold, but it would start after riding, right? But it acts in opposite way, which is so unusual... I'll remove PC and then see what happens without it. Greatly appreciate your input.
  12. The weird thing is that PC is not plugged to battery, I'll have to trace the wires to see where the previous owner connected it, unless it should not be connected to battery at all and only to injectors... Maybe he didn't plug it to the right place and it cause malfunctioning... Thanks for your help.
  13. Hi, I was wondering maybe someone can help me to figure out battery's weird behaving... I bought used 2015 with 4K miles on it, in mint shape. With Power Commander V, Yushimura exhaust, fender eliminator, Woodwork clip ons, all LEDs and so on, real showroom condition... The question is, often the battery acts like it's being discharged, even though, the voltage is 12.6 and with running engine is 14.3 Volts. Seems OK. But still, I did change the battery, put new OEM battery from Revzilla... First week it was great, then the problem came back. The strange thing is that it may do cold start good, but after short stop it will hardly spin the starter... Looks counter-intuitive, it should be the other way around... right? Also I noticed if I revv the engine a bit, to enjoy the sound, then shut it off, the battery feels weaker after that... Also I notice a few times it was stuttering during low RPM moving in 1st or 2d gear, then it comes normal again, I don't feel save riding this bike anymore So I was thinking maybe it's a Power Commander glitches that kills the battery? I can't really establish any connection, like what is triggering what exactly Any help is greatly appreciated.
  14. nick13

    Rear Racks for 2017 FZ-07

    SW-motech requires minimum drilling in plastic, no dremel tool needed. Also the rack stays closer to rear seat and not sticking out too far and too high like scorpion's tail. It looks much less bulky than other models.

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