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  1. cornerslider

    Ohlins STX46 Part# YA-419

    "Nevets" flaked on the deal.... I tried to help another member (in another country), and it didn't end well.... I will provide FREE shipping to the continental United States only!!! I will NOT ship anywhere outside of the continental United States- Thank you for looking..... You will not be disappointed with this shock -
  2. cornerslider

    Ohlins STX46 Part# YA-419

    I do take PayPal. I figured the shipping would be about $25 to anywhere in the continental United States.... I will ship to Alberta Canada, if you pay the difference for anything OVER the $25 that I figured into the price. I think that's a fair deal for both of us. You can PM me with the details-
  3. cornerslider

    Ohlins STX46 Part# YA-419

    Located in St. Paul, MN
  4. cornerslider

    Ohlins STX46 Part# YA-419

    Selling my Ohlins STX46 shock. This is the "base" model designed for spirited street/light track duty. It has adjustable rebound dampening. It only has about 3K miles on it. Mint condition, no leaks, no issues, I'm actually VERY happy with it. I'm only selling it to set my FZ-07 up to as a dedicated track/race bike. I need something more substantial for the track. It's set-up /sprung for 200# rider. I have all the original packaging/literature/spanner wrenches. I set the sag per the included manual, bolt it on and go! I paid $600 for this shock 14 months ago. Will let it go for $425 shipped to the lower 48 united states. This was the very first mod I did to my bike when I bought it- 100 X BETTER than the OEM shock!!!! You won't be disappointed! *I had to use a standard image, but can email several high resolution photos (too big for this site) upon request
  5. cornerslider

    Off- Season maintenance?

    Thanks mossrider, that's sorta what I figured.... I'm used to Supermoto bikes, where every hour of seat time = 2 hours of wrench time (why I got away from it). I did steel braided lines this year, (and new fluid), so I'll probably do fluid the following winter. How frequently do you freshen up your rear shock? I was thinking every-other-year. I run an Ohlins rear, and I'm pretty happy with it- no leaks, doesn't seem to fade? I was planning on chain & sprockets already. BTW: I'm Heading to Blackhawk Farms next Friday with ZARS. I may stick around to watch the CCS races on Saturday.... Any chance I might see you there?
  6. I am approaching the end of my second season on my FZ-07. I will have about 4K on the clock, and about 3K are track miles. I run the "Hordpower" intake, Akrapovic Ti, and a PCV mapped appropriately. All I've really done to the motor is oil/filter changes. Bike runs great, no issues what so ever. How often do track folks check the valve clearance on the FZ-07? I'm planning on "freshening up" my suspension, and syncing the throttle bodies over the winter. Is there anything else I should check over during the off-season?
  7. cornerslider

    Help Me Choose a new Exhaust.

    I agree with everything said here ^.... I got the Akra Ti for one reason- It puts the ENTIRE exhaust under the bike. This accomplishes two things 1) lowers the CG of the bike 2) in a crash (or even a "tip") the entire exhaust is protected from most damage from a crash/tip. To me, that was worth the extra money. Yes, it's quiet....... If you want "louder", pull the baffle, and let'r rip!!! Just my humble opinion. I'm sure you will love what ever exhaust you go with-
  8. cornerslider

    FZ07R is the R6 Front End swap worth it?

    I bought everything from “Sport bike Track Gear” www.stg.com I did the installation myself. The Ohlins shock was really easy. The forks are more time consuming. The instructions are pretty easy to follow. I researched extensively at www.racetech.com- very good resource on setting up your forks. One important thing- the FZ-07 requires “adapters” to fit the emulators to the dampening rod (that cost me a week of riding). They are cheap, like $20? Take your time, and be patient. I followed the racetech recommended settings, and that’s it- DONE!!!
  9. cornerslider

    New MT owner

    Nice looking bike! Welcome to the fun club
  10. cornerslider

    FZ07R is the R6 Front End swap worth it?

    Now, to reply to your post..... I'm very happy with my Racetech springs (for my weight), and emulators. I run a "barebones" Ohlins rear. I followed the sag & setting that Ohlins recommended. I'm very impressed with what I got for just under $800 (front & rear) . I recently upgraded to steel braided brake lines (front and rear). The "feel" is greatly improved. I'll probably upgrade the pads when the OEM's wear out. I view trackdays as "fun-time"... We drive around in circles, light fuel on fire, and destroy tires. I just depends on how serious you want to get with it
  11. cornerslider

    FZ07R is the R6 Front End swap worth it?

    I think what you got is fine for trackdays & street riding. I do about 80/20 track/street I did the race tech springs, and emulators in my OEM forks. I couldn't be happier!!! If I was "chasing championships" it my be different? I do trackdays for fun. My two cents- spend your money on trackdays, and good coaching. It will probably take you several years before you "out-grow" your current Ohlins set up. Just my personal opinion - Edit: I just realized djfz07 didn't START this thread- I was replying to his post.... (my bad)
  12. cornerslider

    2016 Rusting!

    That seems pretty normal to me. You can spray some WD-40 on those parts to protect it some. I wouldn't really worry too much about it-
  13. Thank you to all that replied!! I too have the "Hordpower" intake. I run his map in my PCV, (with the speed sensor tap) and Akrapovic Ti exhaust. I get the "Goldilocks Zone"!!! My ECU is untouched.... I didn't notice any less engine braking, but it is definitely smoother, and more predictable than before. Nice to have a discussion, without having to be "right".
  14. Hello all.... I read the posts on here almost daily. It seems like most of the people here get the ECU flashed to get rid of the engine braking. Does anybody here (besides me) LIKE the engine braking???? I come from a supermoto background, and I grew up on four-strokes. To me, the FZ-07's engine braking feels NORMAL.... I do about 80% track use, and I know my engine can brake more consistently than I can. To me, it just seems like one less variable to think about when I'm diving into a corner. I'm open to constructive criticism. If you want to bash me- "don't be a dick"-
  15. cornerslider

    My '16 FZ 07 with mods

    Very tastefully done.... I have nearly the same bike! Was 2016 the only year they made black? Just curious-

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